Splash eliminated professional soccer player Brandi Chastain during Tuesday night's broadcast of the new reality diving competition's penultimate episode on ABC.

"I think first and foremost, I'd like to thank the judges for an honest job. To everybody watching, thank you for cheering. And to everybody at home, when something gets scary, you have to go for it. Give it a try, don't worry. Just get right back up and try again. I've had a pleasure," Brandi said following her ouster.

Brandi was eliminated from Splash after she lost the three-way dive-off against fellow contestants Drake Bell, a Nickelodeon star, and actress Nicole Eggert.

Splash judges David Boudia, a London Olympic U.S. Gold medalist, and Steve Foley, an Australian Olympic athlete and USA Dive Team director, both had the opportunity to save one person in the bottom three following the dive-off. 

"The person I'm saving tonight is the one that has risen to the top of this competition and has won at least one show. They have also been beaten down to the bottom and have suffered bruises and headaches and sore body, and the person I'm saving tonight is Drake," David announced.

"This is a very difficult decision. The person I want to save is a mom. They've shown unbelievable determination, courage and guts. They've also executed some amazing dives and some tough dives. And both of you two women have suffered injuries and wipeouts, and it's been an amazing battle of courage. But the person I choose to save tonight, based on an unbelievable dive, is Nicole," Steve revealed.

Brandi, Drake and Nicole were forced to compete in the dive-off after they had all received the lowest combination of judges' scores and the audience's scores for their first dives of the night.

Extreme skier Rory Bushfield did not have to participate in the dive-off and automatically advanced to next week's finals considering he had posted the highest score of the night, an average score of 8.75 from the judges, for his back triple-somersault dive off the 33-feet board.

Nicole received an average score of 7.25 for her initial dive of the night off the 16-meter platform. She completed a double somersault. Drake was given an average score of 5.75 for his seven-meter inward dive. Brandi earned a low 3.25 average score for her first dive, which was off the springboard.

Next week's Splash broadcast will crown Rory, Drake or Nicole the show's first-season diving champion.

About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
Elizabeth Kwiatkowski is Associate Editor of Reality TV World and has been covering the reality TV genre for more than a decade.