Kendra Wilkinson reportedly suffered a minor stroke after she got into a car accident this past spring.

While the former Splash contestant and Kendra on Top star's April car crash was not reported to be serious at the time, news has just surfaced that doctors discovered she had a stroke through CT scans days after she was released from the hospital, according to E! News. 

"They told her to take it easy and chill out for a couple of weeks, but she is fine," a source told E! News. "There is nothing to worry about."

Wilkinson was briefly hospitalized earlier this year following a head-on collision in Calabasas, LA, which reportedly occurred when she was driving on a ramp to the 101 freeway. She was released from Providence Tarzana Medical Center the same day with no serious injuries except she was "in shock" and "really sore," according to Us Weekly.

The mother of one son was allegedly also checked out for whiplash after the incident and her black Audi sedan was severely damaged in the front.

"Just really reminded me how fragile life really is and how important love really is," Wilkinson tweeted of her scary experience at the time.

Wilkinson -- a former The Girls Next Door star and Playboy Playmate -- decided to quit Splash, ABC's reality diving competition, during an early April broadcast due to her overwhelming fear of heights.

Following her ouster, Wilkinson said, "This will haunt me for the rest of my life."
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