Lamar Odom is reportedly keeping himself busy in his own little crack community where he's cheating on wife Khloe Kardashian with one of two women he's partying with.

The NBA basketball player has secluded himself in a private home within a gated community located 100 miles away from Los Angeles, where he smokes crack and gets "intimate" with a female, TMZ reported.

Multiple sources close to Odom told the website his driver travels frequently back and forth from the free agent's rental home to score drugs because Odom is too paranoid to get caught. The driver reportedly only buys small quantities of crack at a time as to not make a scene.

Odom allegedly doesn't leave the confines of his new pad, where he hangs with his best friend and two women in their early 20s. TMZ reported "his life now revolves around smoking crack and listening to rap music."

Odom is reportedly covering his tracks to the extent he uses a phone application to send text messages to people that self-destruct once read. He would also be notified if an individual attempts to take a screenshot of a message.

Odom's current residence will most likely be temporary, however, as he's reportedly lived in three different places in the last two months to remains tough to find. Despite the drama and trouble surrounding him, Odom reportedly believes Kardashian will not leave him because she loves him too much. 

In addition to allegedly abusing drugs, Odom has recently faced a cheating scandal, a DUI arrest, a brief stint in rehab, intervention attempts, and a marriage on the rocks