So You Think You Can Dance has been struck by the injury bug for the third-straight week

Billy Bell, a 20-year-old contemporary dancer from Palm Beach, FL who currently resides in New York, NY, was unable to perform in Wednesday night's live Top 6 performance show due to a knee injury.

"We've lost Billy Bell this week.  Unfortunately he's injured his knee," So You Think You Can Dance judge and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe revealed at the beginning of the performance show.

"He's been inspected by a couple of doctors, both of whom have said, 'No, you're okay to perform if you feel okay.'  And Billy doesn't -- Billy knows his body better than anybody and Billy certainly does not feel as though he can perform this week."

Since he didn't perform on Wednesday's show, Bell will -- just as how the show handled last week's Ashley Galvan injury and Alex Wong's injury the week earlier -- now automatically be part of Thursday night's results show bottom threesome (which are usually based solely on home viewer voting) and So You Think You Can Dance's judges will determine if he should be the bottom three contestant eliminated.

However Bell would then automatically be eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance's seventh season if she were still unable to perform during next week's Top 5 performance show.

"Billy will go into the bottom three tomorrow night and we'll judge and keep our fingers crossed that he can dance next week and remain in the show," Lythgoe said.

According to the Lythgoe, So You Think You Can Dance's injury problems have reached the point where the show has decided to bring in outside personnel to help address the issue.

"There's something going wrong this season and we don't know what it is.  We're going to bring people in to help us do warm-ups or something," he said.

However Lythgoe is still managing to keep his sense of humor about the situation.

"I think that we probably will join productions next year with Mark Burnett Productions and do Survivor: The Dance-Off," he quipped.  "It's getting crazy."