Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian featured Gabriela transforming her life physically and mentally during Thursday night's episode on E!

Revenge Body host Khloe Kardashian gained the tools from her divorce from Lamar Odom to develop a stronger mind, body and soul. She set out to change others' lives whom she can relate to, as she had been criticized growing up as being the "fat and funny" Kardashian sister.

While the premise of the show is to seek revenge on a person who has caused hurt or insecurity, the participants tend to realize quickly in their weight-loss journeys that it's really about bettering themselves, gaining confidence and growing stronger -- not about impressing others.

"Let's make our haters our biggest motivators," Khloe had said in the premiere.

In the show's seventh episode, viewers were introduced to Gabriela, who wanted to become physically fit again in order to keep up with her four-year-old daughter. She also wanted revenge on her ex-fiance Spencer, who was an "amazing father" but had been a cheating partner.

Gabriela bought a wedding dress the day before she found out her then-fiance was living a double life for years.  She immediately called off the wedding but lied to her friends and family about the reason because she was embarrassed.

Gabriela allowed food to become her "faithful companion," and so she gained weight over time. Khloe pointed out that Gabriela was "self medicating" with food. The Revenge Body participant missed having a family of her own.

Khloe hooked Gabriela up with Luke Milton, a celebrity trainer known for his "Mate" classes who has worked with people including Rachel McAdams and Tyra Banks. As for her diet and nutrition plan, Luke told Gabriela that "if it's had a life, it's good for you."

Gabriela started her journey at 205.5 pounds. She wanted to drop below 150 pounds, but Luke didn't want to approach this process as a crash diet. He didn't want her gaining all the weight back within several months, so he lowered her expectations a bit and had her aim for a 180-pound goal.   

A couple weeks in, Gabriela felt a pop in her lower back and became discouraged that she wouldn't be able to achieve the results she wanted. Luke didn't allow her to quit, however, and instead modified her exercise routines to be less strenuous on her back. Gabriela quickly gained back her determination and focus.

Gabriela then met with Nurse Jamie, an R.N. and celebrity beauty expert. Jamie lasered off Gabriela's problem spots of cellulite on her legs.

With only six weeks left of her journey, Gabriela had dinner with her family and closest friends to reveal the real reason why she had called off her wedding. Everyone at the table was upset for Gabriela -- and her mother even cried -- thinking about Spencer had been unfaithful to the mother of his child, but she realized she had a great support system.

A few days before her big reveal, Gabriela learned she weighed 175 pounds and therefore lost over 30 pounds in 12 weeks.
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After picking out a dress with celebrity stylist Jason Bolden, getting her hair done by Scotty Cunha, and getting her makeup done by Kristofer Buckle, Gabriela revealed herself to Spencer inside a restaurant called Fig & Olive.

Spencer had been texting and calling Gabriela because he wanted her back, so this meeting was to talk about their future. He wanted his ex-fiancee to forgive him so they could move forward together. Gabriela really struggled with the decision of whether to date Spencer again, but in the end, she acknowledged it was best to let him go romantically.

Gabriela just wanted to maintain a friendship so they could co-parent their child well. She dropped all the grudges she felt as a result of Spencer's behavior and looked forward to what's to come.

In a post-show update, Gabriela lost another seven pounds since filming the show, and she opened up her own makeup school. She and Spencer have gone their separate ways but have an amicable relationship.
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