The sky is blue, the world is round, and an MTV "reality series" is once again being accused of fakery.

The City stars Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo are the center of the latest example of MTV's alleged "reshooting" when the show's producers reportedly wanted the two girls to throw down while working their allegedly not-so-real public relations jobs at fashion designer Diane von Furstenburg's office, the New York Post reported Tuesday.

"MTV wanted the girls to get into a physical fight at the [company's] office," a source told the Post. "Olivia was very disturbed by the request . . . The girls were both really uncomfortable."

The source added that Port and Palermo both rejected the request and threatened to stop filming the show, which allegedly caused the show's producers to come up with a new plan.

"MTV responded to the protests by turning the 'fight' scene into an altercation at work, in which Olivia gets upset at Whitney's boyfriend [Jay Lyon] for showing up to a fund-raiser underdressed," the source told the Post. "[Although,] Olivia could care less about what Jay is wearing."

MTV denied that an altercation -- or a request for one -- ever occurred during the Friday taping.

"On Friday we shot with Whitney and Olivia at [Diane von Furstenberg's offices], during which time no physical altercation took place. We would never encourage our talent to engage in that type of negative behavior," a representative for MTV said according to the Post.

This isn't the first accusation of faking -- or "reshooting" as MTV has previously termed prior accusations of similar situations during filming for The City's precursors Laguna Beach and The Hills -- taking place during shooting for The City. Reports surfaced in December claiming Port was "hardly ever in the office" for her position at Furstenberg's office and "doesn't really work" when she was there.

Port's position at Furstenberg's office was -- according to the show -- the entire reason she decided to relocate from California to New York.

However, the source for the Post seemed to downplay any faking of Port's position for Furstenberg, instead saying that she and Palermo had objected to the fight because they did not want to risk their positions at the company.

"Even though people think their jobs at [Furstenberg] aren't real, both girls are really excited to be working in the fashion world, and wouldn't want to be seen getting into a fight in a professional setting," the source told the Post.