Jon Gosselin apparently had some help repaying ex-wife Kate Gosselin last October.

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 patriarch received an $88,000 check from then girlfriend Hailey Glassman last October 13, RadarOnline reported Thursday after obtaining a copy of the Citibank check.

The check is dated the same week that a judge ordered Jon to return $180,000 of the $230,000 that Kate alleged he withdrew from one of their joint bank accounts in violation of an arbitrator's previous order that they not withdraw any funds without the other's approval.

"This was back when Kate was accusing Jon of emptying their bank account," a source close to Glassman told RadarOnline.

"A judge ordered Jon to pay her back the money and he didn't have it, so Hailey loaned him the money."

While the money is listed on the check as a "loan," RadarOnline reports it has obtained text messages from Jon to Glassman after they split in December in which he stated he can't pay her back.

"I'm done. U owe me money," wrote Glassman in a December 16 text message, RadarOnline reported. "I'm done with ur abuse. U say ur done? I'm done. There's nothing to discuss. U can call Robbie [Hailey's uncle] to explain ur bulls--t."

"don't have the finances, sorry," wrote Jon in a reply text, according to RadarOnline. "Already explained it to Robbie."

Glassman has since stated on more than one occasion via her Twitter account that Jon owes her hundreds of thousands of dollars, RadarOnline reported.

Jon was recently reported to be on the job hunt so he could "provide for his family."