The outcome of "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart" was changed at the last minute because the winner was revealed, the New York Post reported Friday.

The 6-year-old granddaughter of Stewart's top adviser, Charles Koppelman, blurted out the final result in a roomful of contestants before Wednesday night's finale aired on NBC, sources told the Post.

Koppelman's daughter and her little girl were visiting with the cast before the show when someone asked the child who she thought was going to win -- Bethenny Frankel or Dawna Stone.

The source said the little girl replied: "'Bethenny is going to win, Martha didn't like Dawna's fashion show.'"

One of the contestants told Page Six they were quickly ushered into separate rooms and a producer told the audience they had to make "some last minute changes in the script."

NBC refused to comment on the report, but a Stewart insider told The Post Frankel was "never going to win."