This weekend in New York, famed domestic guru Martha Stewart and 2,000 of her fans celebrated the 15th anniversary of her magazine, Martha Stewart Living.

The New York Daily News reported that on Saturday, the 65-year-old entrepreneur was met with encouraging chants and a standing ovation as she recognized her domestic advice magazine's 15 years in publication.

"This is so much fun to look back on," said Stewart, who was released from prison last year, where she was sentenced to a short term for lying to securities investigators. "I'm so proud of the company I have built and the sweat and tears of so many people who worked with me."

"I've always tried to entertain well and be inventive and creative and come up with beautiful ideas." she added at the ceremony at New York's Pier 94.

Nearly everyone at the ceremony also recognized the effort that Stewart has made to recover from the insider trading settlement that plagued her in 2005.

"The lady has panache. I think she rocks," New Jersey's Janette Parsons told the paper. "The way she handled going to jail and admitting she made a mistake shows her strength, and I respect her more because of it."