NBC has announced that it will premiere “For Love or Money,” a new and unscripted drama series in which 15 beautiful women compete for one lucky man, on Monday, June 2. The special two-hour premiere will air 9-11 p.m. ET, with the series airing in its regular time slot -- 9-10 p.m. ET -- beginning Monday, June 9.

In the series, the 15 women arrive hoping to find love but are surprised to learn in the first episode that there is also a million dollar prize at stake - and the winner and the bachelor will not know that she ultimately must choose between the man of her dreams or $1 million. Jordan Murphy (“Boston Public”) will host the six-episode series, guiding the contestants through numerous twists and turns as they try to win the heart of a handsome and charming Dallas defense attorney. Though the bachelor is unaware of the $1 million incentive, the women know from the beginning that the lucky girl he chooses will win the money - prompting viewers to wonder if they’re really pursuing him “For Love or Money” (it isn’t until the end that the winning woman learns she has to choose between love or riches.)

An "unexpected turn of events" in the fourth episode will take the series to a whole new level as the stakes become higher for all the participants. In the final episode, the bachelor will make his choice - and the winning contestant will make hers - decisions that could affect both of their lives forever.

During the course of events, the show will feature romantic private dates in California’s Santa Barbara, Napa Valley, San Diego, Malibu and Catalina Island, as well as in Telluride, Colorado. The series, which recently completed filming, also was shot in Bel Air, California and Dallas, Texas.

“For Love or Money” is a production of Nash Entertainment & 3 Ball Productions. Bruce Nash (NBC’s “Meet My Folks,” “Mr. Personality”) is the executive producer, along with J.D. Roth (“Endurance,” “Moolah Beach”), Todd Nelson (“Endurance,” “Moolah Beach”) and John Foy (“The Martin Short Show”).

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