When last we saw For Love Or Money's Rob Campos, he was slinking off into the sunset, licking his wounds from both Erin Brodie's rejection of his selection of her, and the public disclosure of his sexual misconduct military past.

Evidently a strong believer in the "any publicity is good publicity" philosophy, Campos is apparently now making the media rounds while waiting for his fifteen minutes of fame (and notoriety) to receive a second wind with his upcoming appearance of For Love Or Money 2. In what can only be considered a strange interview with Zap2It.com, Campos tells the website that while he's now frequently getting stood up for dates, having strange men want to fight him, and doing the local parade circuit, there's still no place like home... oh, and that he enjoys circuses and snow cones.

Asked why he agreed to go back on the show for a second time, Campos said "This is a way for Erin and I to get some closure, although I admit it was pretty strange being back."

Campos also admits that his life has changed significantly since appearing on the program. He says he's recently been stood up for dates as many as four times in a single week -- including one time via a text message sent to his cell phone. He also notes that "guys randomly pick fights with him" but that he also finds that many strangers are quite friendly to him and that strange women want to give him hugs (apparently those must be the ones who aren't already busy standing him up.)

Campos also notes that he is quite content to remain in hometown of Dallas and that he isn't interested in moving to a more glamorous locale such as Los Angeles (what, is there finally no more room at the Belly Bar for former reality television has-beens?) After offering up the fact that he likes the local circus and its $15 snow cones that come in porcelain white tigers (wonder how big his personal collection must be) Campos states the obvious and tells Zap2It that he "isn't afraid to humiliate himself."

If you're wondering who's giving Rob his post-show advice that apparently resulted in this unusual interview, there's no need to wonder -- Rob mentions that he's been getting tips from those two other reality masters of public relations -- The Bachelor's Aaron Buerge and Joe Millionaire's Evan Marriott.