Jillian Michaels is done with The Biggest Loser yet again.

NBC has announced Michaels, a 40-year-old professional trainer, is leaving The Biggest Loser, which will premiere its sixteenth season September 11 on NBC, Us Weekly reported.

"After helping hundreds of contestants transform their lives and inspiring millions of viewers at home, The Biggest Loser and Jillian Michaels have decided to part ways and she will not be returning for Season 16 when it airs in the fall," NBC said in a statement, according to Us.

Reports first surfaced Michaels wanted to quit The Biggest Loser for the third time in April.

"She is deeply concerned about the direction the show has been taking," a source told People of the pro trainer at the time, adding that Michaels also doesn't like to be made out as the bad guy on the show. "She is turned off by the mean-spirited story lines and poor care of the contestants."

The reports followed The Biggest Loser's controversial fifteenth season in which Rachel Frederickson, 24, won the show but dropped down to a shocking 105 pounds to do so. Frederickson had lost nearly 60 percent of her body weight for the finale in February, concerning both her trainers and viewers.

"Michaels wants to distance herself from The Biggest Loser brand," explained the source. "Especially considering what happened with Rachel, her feeling is that there isn't proper attention paid to the contestants' health or wellness."

In 2006, Michaels left the series after Season 2 due to a dispute about the show's creative direction. While she was replaced by trainer Kim Lyons for The Biggest Loser's third edition, she subsequently returned for Season 4 and stuck with it right up through Season 11.

However, Michaels left again after the show's eleventh edition for personal reasons that included starting a family. She later returned to The Biggest Loser for Season 14.
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