The Biggest Loser's sixteenth-season winner Toma Dobrosavljevic is gushing about his win but also responding to show criticism.

"It hasn't" sunk in yet. "It's all just really surreal. I'm still kind of in shock," Toma said during his Friday appearance on the Today show.

"I don't even think if you had asked me six months ago if I'd even be on The Biggest Loser, I would say, 'There's no way I'd make the show.' And here I am today -- I'm the Biggest Loser."

Toma dropped from 336 pounds and currently weighs 165 pounds. He shed 171 pounds during his whole journey on the show, defeating runner up Sonya Jones at the final weigh-in by only a single pound.

"My biggest problem has been maintaining," Toma said of his prior weight-loss struggles. "I've yo-yoed my whole life, so some of the things that I've learned at The Biggest Loser and on the ranch are definitely going to help make sure that I stay true to myself and make sure I dedicate [myself] to health and wellness every day."

Toma plans to keep the weight off by continuing to work out and staying active.

"That's the most important thing," he said. "Eating well, staying active and getting proper rest."

In response to recent controversy surrounding The Biggest Loser, Toma stands by the show 100%. Former contestant Kai Hibbard had accused the competition of "fat shaming" its players, while other contestants have been complaining they gained all their weight back.

"It was the most amazing experience I've ever had in my life," Toma argued.

"The trainers were just unbelievable and extremely supportive. I feel like I've got friends for life now. I can get on the phone and call [Jennifer Widerstrom] and [Jessie Pavelka] any time I need to. They'll be there for me. I think the nutritionist was constantly in contact, the doctors, the psychologists."

Toma also added that he's going to stay fit "no matter what" it takes.

"I have a bright future ahead of me," Toma told Today.