The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has conducted a short interview with Atlanta resident Hayley Arp, the 26 year old woman at the center of FOX's new "Mr. Personality" series. During the interview Hayley reveals some behind-the-scenes details and teases the readers for more. Hayley details how the show's producers found her "through a friend" and repeatedly dogged her via phone messages until she agreed to have a limo-chauffeured dinner with them to discuss being on the show (maybe it's just us, but we're guessing not every applicant received that type of interview session.) Additionally, for those wondering, Hayley teases that "I found Mr. Personality" -- whatever that might mean.

Arp also mentions that she's a "big fan of reality shows" and even hosted a "Joe Millionaire" finale party -- complete with Evan Marriott posters hanging from her apartment walls.

And for everyone wondering, she says Monica Lewinsky was "so great and warm and funny and intelligent." "She (was) there for me as a friend and confidante" and "it was great having her around, because you're surrounded by these men all the time, and it was great to have a woman in the next room for girl talk."

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