It had to happen sooner or later. Since becoming notorious as U.S. President Bill Clinton's secret paramour, ex-White House intern Monica Lewinsky has tried just about everything else to make a few bucks from her celebrity, most recently designing handbags. Now she's turned to reality TV.

According to the Associated Press, Monica Lewinsky has been hired to host the new Fox reality/dating show Mr. Personality. The show, which we previously discussed during casting, features young female contestants trying to select a suitor from a group of men sight unseen, judging them only by their personalities -- while the viewing audience gets to see them. Sounds very reminiscent of The Dating Game, but we probably weren't supposed to notice.

Ms. Lewinsky commented that the show "sounds like good fun." And think of all the helpful advice she can offer these innocent young women in her role as host! Let's see: 101 uses for a cigar; when to dry clean a stain from your dress; underwear preferences of powerful and famous men; and so on.

Lewinsky graduated from Lewis and Clark College in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology. For the past few years she has been designing an exclusive collection of handbags and accessories that are available at Raised in Los Angeles, Lewinsky currently lives in New York City and is considering a future career in law.

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