Mike Holmes is bringing his daughter Sherry Holmes and son Mike Jr. Holmes on the job when his new show, Holmes: Next Generation, comes to DIY Network later this month.

DIY Network has announced Holmes: Next Generation, a family affair for the popular contractor, will premiere Tuesday, April 17 at 9PM ET/PT.

The six-episode series will follow Mike and his two children -- who are also home renovation experts -- as they rescue homeowners from do-it-yourself projects gone wrong.

The group brings a strong work ethic to each situation as well as blunt construction advice and on-site manpower.

Sherry and Mike Jr. will take the lead to fix the dysfunctional renovation projects and create family dream homes.

"I've been making it right for homeowners for over 35 years," Mike Sr. said in a statement. "Now it's time for the next generation of Holmes to step up. But it's not easy living up to my standards."

"Dad likes things his way," Sherry noted. "But we're getting him to consider our point of view and new ideas that he would never normally choose."

In the premiere episode, the trio will help a homeowner finish the incomplete projects started by her late husband to improve their house.

Not only will Mike and his kids repair the damaged roof and cracked foundation, but the team will also give the property a new modern kitchen, fresh hardwood flooring, and a bright, open staircase.

"We're going to help this deserving homeowner get some peace of mind," Mike Jr. explained. "This will be a great fresh start for her."

Mike Sr. found fame when he first starred on Holmes on Homes in 2001 on HGTV Canada. Multiple spinoffs followed, including Holmes Inspection that profiled home inspections gone wrong and a mini-series entitled Mike's Ultimate Garage.

In Summer 2015, Mike starred in Home Free, which aired on Fox and followed nine couples renovating a different home each week. At the end of each week, the couple with the worst handiwork was eliminated until only two couples remained and competed for their dream home in the finale.

In Fall 2016, Holmes and Holmes premiered and starred the father and son duo. Finally, Holmes: Buy It Right also debuted on DIY Network around the same time and featured Mike Sr. serving as an advisor to new home buyers.
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