Survivor: Ghost Island featured the new Naviti tribe voting out Bradley Kleihege after Malolo finally won an Immunity Challenge during Wednesday night's episode on CBS.

Bradley, a 26-year-old law student from Haslett, MI, was voted out of the Naviti tribe on Night 19 of the game at Tribal Council through a unanimous vote. Bradley had cast his sole vote for Libby Vincek, a 24-year-old social media strategist from Houston, TX.

Bradley did not see his ouster coming, as the tribe targeted him for personal reasons when he had assumed he was getting along fabulously with the group. Bradley was also a surprising choice for the vote given he's an original Naviti member and they had the numbers -- 3 Naviti to 2 Malolo -- after the latest tribal swap.

"I was blindsided 100 percent, but as a Super Fan of Survivor, there's no way I'd rather go out," Bradley said in his final words.

"I'm a confident person. I'm very sure of myself, and I think that comes across as a little overbearing to people at times. I could've done a whole lot better. I feel like if I made it to the merge, I would have won the game, so hats off to [them]."

The Survivor broadcast began with 14 castaways remaining in the game, separated on three different tribes: Naviti, Malolo and Yanuya.

In addition to Bradley and Libby, Naviti was also comprised of Chelsea Townsend, a 24-year-old EMT from Salt Lake City, UT; Domenick Abbate, a 38-year-old construction supervisor from Nesconset, NY; and Donathan Hurley, a 26-year-old caretaker from Phelps, KY.

Malolo was comprised of Michael Yerger, an 18-year-old real estate agent from Knoxville, TN; Desiree Afuye, a 21-year-old student from Brooklyn, NY; Angela Perkins, a 42-year-old Army veteran from Cincinnati, OH; and Kellyn Bechtold, a 31-year-old career counselor from North Manchester, IN.

And Yanuya was made up of Jenna Bowman, a 23-year-old account executive from Detroit, MI; Chris Noble, a 27-year-old male model from Florida Keys, FL; Wendell Holland, a 33-year-old furniture designer from Philadelphia, PA; Laurel Johnson, a 29-year-old financial consultant from Philadelphia, PA; and Sebastian Noel, a 22-year-old fishing guide from Melbourne, FL.

On Day 18 at Malolo's camp, Michael was the last original Malolo standing on his tribe, so he worried he was next. Michael therefore went off looking for a hidden Immunity Idol, and Angela was well aware of that. Michael, however, didn't care what anyone thought because he said he needed to play aggressively in order to survive the next vote.

And Michael was correct, as Desiree was shown saying it was "easy pickings" for their tribe given Michael was on the outs of three original Naviti allies.

Michael was then lucky enough to stumble across an authentic fake Hidden Immunity Idol that Ozzy Lusth created back on Survivor's sixteenth season in 2007. This fake idol was cursed, as the three people who touched it all got voted out.

However, the paper that came with the stick said it had gained power while on Ghost Island and now it's a genuine idol that can be used. Michael was so excited for the opportunity to save himself at the next Tribal Council if necessary.
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The three tribes then gathered together and met Survivor host Jeff Probst for a Reward Challenge.

The challenge required each tribe to pull on a rope, suspending a disk. They had to work together to stack blocks onto the disk in order to spell "REWARD." If the stack fell at any time, the tribe must start again.

The first tribe to complete the challenge would win Reward in the form of steak, chicken kabobs and spices. The second tribe to finish would be given chicken kabobs to eat.

In addition, the winning tribe would be able to send one person from either of the other two tribes to Ghost Island; however, that person would return for the subsequent Immunity Challenge.

Domenick sat out for Naviti since they had an extra member, and Laurel sat out for Yanuya.

In the end, Naviti claimed first place and Yanuya finished in second place, leaving Malolo -- once again -- without food and glory.

Naviti decided to send Kellyn to Ghost Island because she had already been there once before. Naviti thought it would be smart to send someone with experience on the deserted island in order to keep it a mystery for mostly everyone else.

Meanwhile, Donathan told the cameras he didn't appreciate how Bradley had been "barking orders" at him. Donathan, however, planned to sit back and let Bradley dig his own grave. 

On Ghost Island, Kellyn was afforded the opportunity to play a "Game of Chance." She had to risk her vote in order to play, and her chances were 2 out of 3. There were three containers to choose from, and two of them had some type of advantage inside.

Kellyn went with her gut and played the game, knowing Naviti had the numbers on her tribe anyways.

"Got to risk it for the biscuit," Kellyn noted, hoping for a little luck.

Kellyn picked the first container out of the three, and inside was an advantage -- the authentic steal-a-vote advantage that was used to vote out Michaela Bradshaw on Season 34 of Survivor. Rather than being able to steal a vote, however, Kellyn would be able to use this advantage as an extra vote at Tribal Council.

Kellyn considered this experience a "pivotal moment" in her game when she could go from a sweet, likable girl to the player who gets to the end. She believed that she could win it all.

Meanwhile, back at Naviti's camp, Bradley was losing patience because he really wanted to build a fire and eat their food immediately while everyone else seemed to be taking their time.

Bradley said in a confessional he was "trying not to be a total dick," as that's something he struggles with in real life when it comes to his relationships with others.

Domenick called Bradley "a nasty son of a b-tch" when talking to Libby and Donathan. Domenick didn't know whether to stick with original Naviti and maintain the numbers -- 3 Naviti-2 Malolo -- with Chelsea and Bradley, or work with Libby and Donathan to take out Bradley when he had the chance.

Libby and Donathan knew they were on the bottom, so they hoped Domenick would join them and make a big move. Domenick wanted Bradley gone, for sure, but he wasn't sure whether this time was the right time.

Over at Yanuya's camp on Day 18, while everyone was taking a nap after eating chicken, Wendell went off looking for an idol. Wendell remembered to check out an interesting tree he had observed while collecting firewood one day, and sure enough, a clue was hidden there.

The clue led Wendell to a pair of trees with striking roots, where he had to dig at the base for the idol. In seemingly no time at all, Wendell pulled out a large green package with a hidden Immunity Idol inside. It was the authentic idol necklace Erik Reichenbach had given to Natalie Bolton in Survivor 16.

However, the paper that came with the necklace said it had matured into a real hidden Immunity Idol. Wendell was not about to make a "bone head move" like Eric had made.

"I will never do what he did," Wendell told the cameras. "I would never make that mistake... the curse will be reversed."

On Day 19, the Malolo tribe was starving and believed the Malolo name was cursed, so they decided to burn their banner in the hope their losing streak would come to an end once and for all. Michael figured Malolo was the most-losing tribe in Survivor history.

It then became time for the season's next Immunity Challenge, and Kellyn returned to her tribe from Ghost Island.

The castaways were required to swim out to a floating platform, race up the platform, jump off, retrieve two sets of floating rings, and then attempt to land those rings on the floating target. The first two tribes to finish the obstacle course would win immunity.

Yanuya sat out Jenna for this challenge, while Naviti sat out Chelsea.

Michael really stepped up his game and did an amazing job in the water for Malolo, and then he was chosen to toss the rings, as well as Donathan and Wendell from the other two tribes.

Wendell landed all of his rings in first place, and so Yanuya finished first. And then Michael scored his last point for Malolo, allowing them to finally relax and skip a Tribal Council session.

Naviti, who has been on a hot streak pretty much all season long, finished in last place.

As her tribe walked out of the challenge, Libby said Bradley was "disrespecting everyone" and didn't deserve an alliance.

Later that day, at Naviti's camp, Domenick apologized for letting the tribe down. Libby explained it was a team loss, trying to take some of the burden off Domenick, but then Bradley spoke up and told Domenick that he probably drank too much coffee.

Domenick hated how Bradley was so condescending towards him and everyone else. Domenick didn't know what to do because he didn't want Bradley around, but at the same time, Bradley wanted to work with him and potentially go to the end with him.

Bradley then talked to Donathan and Domenick about voting out Libby. No one thought she had an idol, and Bradley said Libby was incredibly attractive and dangerous because she's able to sell a plan with a smile. Bradley also noted he wasn't worried about Donathan sticking around because he was basically enjoying a free vacation.

Bradley also shared his plan with Chelsea, reminding her of the moment Morgan Ricke had said, "Don't trust the blonde," when she was voted out of the game. Bradley was convinced everyone was voting for Libby, but Domenick and Chelsea had a big decision to make, and Domenick said it would be "a last minute decision."

Chelsea was shown telling Libby to have trust and vote for Bradley, but Libby still feared she was the target.

Domenick reasoned that Libby was "very charming" and he "fell for it" once by giving her a little rope -- only to hang him with it by voting out her pal Morgan. Domenick didn't trust Libby, but turning on Bradley before the merge may have negative repercussions.

At Tribal Council that night, Bradley told Jeff it was "almost shocking" how well everyone got along, like they were one, big happy family.

Bradley said that from a Survivor standpoint, the tribe was very friendly and cohesive. But Domenick admitted Morgan's ouster had completely taken him by surprise and still stung a little bit.

Libby addressed the group, however, saying that her alliance was stronger than her bond with Morgan at the time and she had to make the best decision for her alliance. Making another point, Libby also said she'd stand by her alliance in the future the same way.

Bradley then discussed his personality a little bit, saying he enjoys bringing up all the points to every topic in order to engage others in a dialogue. Bradley didn't think he was being argumentative, but his tribemates clearly disagreed -- at least by the look on their faces.

Domenick suggested it's important for people to bite their tongues and just listen sometimes in order to avoid conflict.

Before everyone cast their votes, Domenick announced his criteria was a trust and compatible factor, and he also took into account this castaway's relationships with people on the other side. Domenick was thinking ahead to the merge.

Once Jeff read the votes aloud and Bradley learned everyone had voted for him, he said to his tribemates, "Good job guys. Wow.' He also noted, "Good luck in the rest of the game."

Donathan flashed a big smile on his face, and then Bradley just kept repeating "damn" and "that's crazy" on his way out of the game.
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