Matt Grant is apparently so sick of being badgered about when he's going to marry Shayne Lamas, The Bachelor: London Calling star set an impromptu fake wedding date in Sin City.

"[We're getting married] next week in Las Vegas, where Elvis Presley got married," Grant jokingly told on Friday night outside of Los Angeles sushi restaurant Katsuya.

Grant presented Lamas with his final rose and a marriage proposal -- both of which she accepted -- during The Bachelor: London Calling's pre-taped finale broadcast last month. The couple subsequently told Reality TV World that they do plan on eventually getting married, however they have yet to set a timetable for when it will actually occur. 

Grant also took the opportunity to vehemently deny that he appeared as The Bachelor's twelfth-season star and popped the question to Lamas just so he could get a green card, which had originally reported back on May 24.

"What I want to say to you TMZ is the whole green card thing -- as funny as it is -- is purely ridiculous," he told  "I mean come on.  Are you serious with this?  There are a lot easier ways to get a green card.  I got found to be The Bachelor.  I didn't apply."

Lamas then got in on the fun, approaching Grant like she had no idea who he was.

"Hi, I'm Shayne.  Nice to meet you," said Lamas in the video, shaking Grant's hand.  "I hear you're just with this girl to get a green card.  Is that true?"

"I hooked up with this chick purely to get a green card to America," replied Grant.  "I just saw her and a I saw green card.  That was it."

Grant then quit goofing around and denied the allegations again.

"The whole green card thing is funny, but seriously, I did not do this for a green card," he reiterated to  "I come from a western country -- an affluent country -- and I love the States.  But just for the record, I did not do this for a green card."

Grant and Lamas are currently living together in Lamas' Studio City condominium.