Married at First Sight's Jamie Otis has opened up about the horror of her miscarriage.

One day after announcing the sad news she lost her first child with husband Doug Hehner, Otis shared her feelings in a heart-wrenching blog post on Thursday.

"My heart is so heavy. There are no words to express the pain and sorrow associated with losing our baby Hehner," Otis, who was also a contestant on Bachelor Pad 3 and Ben Flajnik's season of The Bachelor, wrote.

Otis, 30, announced she and Hehner, 32, were expecting a baby during an early July appearance on the Today show. Their baby was due in December 2016.

Otis revealed she was in the middle of planning a gender-reveal party for the baby on Facebook when the couple walked into a high-risk doctor's office due to unusual bleeding. Otis, however, apparently wasn't afraid because she had already seen four doctors, she could feel the baby kick, and the child's heartbeat was still going strong.

"Doug, my husband, and I were very optimistic going into this doctor's appointment... Until the doctor flat out said, 'The prognosis is very poor and there is nothing you can do to help it. You have very little amniotic fluid for the baby.' I'm a nurse so I know how important amniotic fluid is for growth and development, but I just couldn't believe my ears," Otis explained.

"How could the prognosis be so 'poor' when I had just seen our baby's feet kicking and his little body bouncing around in my belly less than a week before," she continued. "We decided I would go on bed rest, drink lots of coconut water and even more regular spring water and fight for our baby."

But it was clearly a fight, however, Otis couldn't win. She has since found solace listening to others who have experienced a similar tragic loss.

"Talking about my baby who I fell in love with the minute I knew his little heart was beating inside me is therapy," Otis confessed in her blog. "I wish I could hold him and love on him. His little feet and hands were so precious. He was beyond adorable, even at 17 weeks."

Otis then asked for fans and friends to pray for her family, and "more importantly," little baby Hehner.

"I know he is up in heaven and I am sure he is bouncing on clouds, but selfishly I wish he was still bouncing in my belly. I'll never get to see this Angel again on earth. He was given to us so graciously by God, and then God took him away way too early. My heart hurts so bad. Losing our baby has been the most terrible experience. I wish no one would ever have to endure this," Otis grieved.

Otis and Hehner met on the day of their wedding and didn't even know each other's names prior to the bride walking down the aisle. Although Otis initially found Hehner unattractive, their love grew over time and they turned out to be a Married at First Sight success story.
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Since saying, "I do," the couple's life has been documented on the spinoff show Married at First Sight: The First Year.