Big Brother evicted Bronte D'Acquisto and crowned Paulie Calafiore Season 18's newest Head of Household during Thursday night's live broadcast on CBS.

Bronte, a 26-year-old student and aspiring mathematician who currently resides in Denver, CO, was evicted from the Big Brother house with a 5-4 vote instead of Tiffany Rousso, a 32-year-old high school teacher who currently resides in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Bronte had been the BB Roadkill winner Frank Eudy's nomination.

Paul Abrahamian, a 23-year-old clothing designer from Tarzana, CA, was also on the chopping block but received zero votes for eviction.

The Big Brother broadcast began on Day 27 with Frank bragging about how Tiffany, the sister of Season 17 player Vanessa Rousso, was going home.

Paul believed he was the smallest target on the chopping block, and Bronte told the cameras the whole house would deserve an Academy Award if she was the target. Da'Vonne Rogers wanted to keep Tiffany in the house so they could go after Frank together, so she spoke to James Huling about voting for Bronte instead.

James thought it was a good idea, saying Frank would never know which people in his "8 Pack" alliance betrayed him. Michelle Meyer, Zakiyah Everette and Nicole Franzel also got onboard with the idea.

Nicole thought it made no sense to vote Tiffany out when she would always have the girls' backs.

Zakiyah therefore told her ally Paulie about voting for Bronte, but Paulie argued Bronte wasn't going to win anytime soon and Tiffany was strong and a strategist whose emotional game could eventually blow up anyone's game at any point. Paulie also pointed out that Tiffany had no loyalty to anyone and would be dangerous once she gets rid of Frank.

Meanwhile, Frank made it clear to Nicole he wanted to go after Da'Vonne the week after Tiffany goes, and Nicole found herself in the middle of two returnees, both of whom she wanted to work with. Nicole didn't know which side made more sense for her game.

Frank told his ally Bridgette Dunning that he could see them working with Nicole and Corey Brooks down the road. The two couples formed an alliance as a result.

Frank then discussed with Michelle how Da'Vonne was "drama, sneaky" and ready to make a big move. Michelle, however, was close to Da'Vonne, so she thought it was really stupid of Frank to open up to her about all of that. Frank also told Michelle that Nicole was onboard to take Da'Vonne out.

Michelle then blabbed the news to Da'Vonne, who questioned if Nicole was really that shady because she was acting defensive. Nicole felt so awkward about being caught in a lie and said she was ready to cut ties with Frank because she had given him too many chances. Nicole was pissed off.

Afterward, Michelle told Paulie they should send Bronte home because it would throw a wrench into Frank and Bridgette's plans, which would then result in a frazzled Frank who probably wouldn't perform his best in the next challenge. Paulie said in the Diary Room that Michelle had made a good point. 

Before it became time for the live eviction, Paulie, Corey, Nicole, Zakiyah and Michelle all agreed to vote out Bronte.

When Tiffany, Bronte and Paul were able to make quick speeches before votes were cast, Tiffany announced her main goal was to take down the "dictator" in the house and his "Cabbage Patch kid," referring to Frank and Bridgette. Bronte followed that up by insisting she wouldn't harass anybody in the house if everyone decided to keep her around.

In the end, Frank, Natalie Negrotti, James and Paulie voted for Tiffany. Michelle, Nicole, Zakiyah, Corey and Da'Vonne voted to evict Bronte.

Bronte told Julie Chen in her post-eviction interview that she learned people wanted Frank gone and so it meant Tiffany had to stay. She therefore saw her elimination coming. If she could do it all over again, Bronte said she never would have trusted Jozea Flores and Victor Arroyo.

The episode concluded with the next live Head of Household competition. Bridgette couldn't compete as the outgoing HoH.

For the competition dubbed "Euro Tripping," the players had to memorize 16 pictures on their memory wall and then answer true or false questions about them. Every time someone guessed an incorrect answer, he or she would be out. The last person standing would be the next HoH.

Paulie won the competition, which meant his whole Category 4 team -- Frank, Bridgette and Michelle -- would also be safe from eviction for the week.

About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
Elizabeth Kwiatkowski is Associate Editor of Reality TV World and has been covering the reality TV genre for more than a decade.