One of Jesse James' alleged mistresses has decided to remain anonymous.

A woman who last week claimed to have had an "intimate" three year relationship with the Jesse James is a Dead Man and former Monster Garage star will not discuss the alleged affair, her lawyer told People in a Monday report.

"I can confirm that she has decided not to tell her story," attorney Gloria Allred told People. "I have no other comment."

Two weeks ago, James was accused of carrying out an 11-month affair with tattoo model Michelle "Bombshell" McGee while wife Sandra Bullock was in Atlanta filming The Blind Side -- for which recently won the Oscar for Best Actress.

A second woman then claimed that she also had a two-year affair with James, while Los Angeles photographer Brigitte Daguerre subsequently stated they had sex four times after he hired her to do styling work for his West Coast Choppers in 2008

Allred legally represented the fourth women to claim an affair with the reality star and said last week that her client was deciding whether or not to go public with details of their alleged relationship.

"I represent a beautiful model and business woman," said Allred at the time.

"[James] pursued her and he had strong feelings for her. She is in the process of trying to decide if she will come forward. She has proof of their relationship including hundreds of texts, emails and photos. The relationship just ended recently after the scandal broke."

James has apologized to Bullock and his three children from two previous marriages while also claiming the "vast majority" the allegations against him are "untrue."