Lace Morris is shocked how quickly her ex-fiance Grant Kemp moved on after they called it quits on their engagement.

Morris and Kemp got engaged on the third-season finale of Bachelor in Paradise in Summer 2016 but announced in November they had decided to "mutually" split and go their separate ways.

"So I'm finally now just starting to go on dates and talk to men, and it feels good. It feels refreshing," Morris told Us Weekly. "And Grant seemed to move on a little bit quicker than I expected him to after our breakup, so I was a little shocked by that. But I took my time for myself, and I am healthy."

Kemp was spotted on a date with another woman, Olga Safari -- who could pass for Morris' long, lost twin -- in mid-December. The pair chatted with TMZ outside of a nightclub and said they met while shooting a modeling campaign.

Safari seemed sweet and joked with the paparazzi, "I keep it classy," while Kemp said he hopes Morris is happy and doing well.

"Life is getting a lot better," Morris confirmed to Us. "I'm just looking forward to this year being so much better, and it took me a while to deal with the breakup. I did my own thing for a while. It hurt. So I'm just doing so much better, and it feels really good."

When recalling what went wrong in her romance, Morris confessed, "I don't know."

"Grant and I just both realized some differences, and we had enough respect to end it when we did instead of pulling it along longer than we needed to. But it just wasn't working. It just wasn't working," she said.

Morris revealed the former lovebirds are not even on speaking terms right now and she recently joined dating apps such as Bumble.

"I just now [returned to the dating scene] after what -- it's been two months since the breakup?" Morris explained, adding that she's looking for men on social media or hoping to bump into someone great in person.

In addition to not being on speaking terms, Morris -- who initially competed on Ben Higgins season of The Bachelor -- confirmed to Entertainment Tonight there is no shot she will ever reconcile with Kemp.
"There is definitely not a chance for us to get back together after this. He seems to be in a really good place now. He's doing his thing, I'm doing my thing," Morris said.

"Since the breakup, I've seen things that I didn't really care for, that I would never want to go through again. It's almost like a death, you know?"

As for whether Morris would ever consider another stint on Bachelor in Paradise, she said, "I feel like if I do Paradise again, it might be a PTSD for me because I got engaged there. And knowing that I'd be doing that all over again, I feel like I'd be stepping backwards. So I don't know if I'd do Paradise again."
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