Bachelor in Paradise couple Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon have revealed the sex of their second child on the way.

Ashley and Jared, who are already parents of son Dawson, announced February 23 on Amazon Live that Ashley is pregnant with another baby boy.


The couple showed footage of their recent trip Disney World with Dawson. Although both Ashley and Jared had predicted they're having a girl, they both bit into cupcakes revealing blue frosting inside.

"It's a boy?!" Ashley shouted, before Dawson started crying.

The Amazon Live video of Jared and Ashley sitting on their couch at home then continued.

"Oh boy, it's a boy!" Jared yelled.

"Oh no!" Ashley said with a laugh.

After Jared confirmed he's "very excited," he pointed out how having two boys "is going to be a lot of fun."

Jared shared, "I'm very excited for the times when... Dawson has a Little League game at 9, and then the other one has a game at 11, and we've got to get Dawson to karate while the other one has baseball. I mean, I'm hoping they love sports."

Ashley clarified that Dawson already loves sports and he's just like his dad.

But Jared admitted to his wife, "I feel bad for you, because you're never going to have your girl. Because we're done."

"We are done!" Ashley reiterated. "It's funny because when it comes to gender disappointment, I had it so much 'worse' with Dawson. We found out, and I was upset for a day or two."

Jared complained about how he doesn't like the term "gender disappointed," but Ashley confessed that she had "a little moment" in her hotel room when she thought, "I'm never going to have a daughter?! That's so crazy because you imagine your life and you imagine with both."

"Of course, that's what I did," Jared acknowledged. "I always wanted one boy and one girl."

The pair, however, are thrilled no matter what, with Ashley adding, "I really actually do not even care what the combo is now, I just want them to be close. My sister and I were very best friends, so I wanted to maybe have two sisters."


Jared then shared his biggest concern about having two sons.

"I wrestle with Dawson. I don't get hard, but when it's the three of us together, it's going to be bumps and bruises," Jared noted. "We're going to have to wear helmets, because it's just going to be constant chaos."

Jared and Ashley are also disagreeing on potential names for their baby boy. Ashley likes Dominic, naming him after her father, but Jared likes Ethan, which Ashley apparently really dislikes. They also like the name Clark, but that was the name of Jared's childhood dog, as well as Logan.

Ashley and Jared announced they're expecting their second child together in late January.

Ashley gave birth to Dawson in January 2022, and she previously admitted that she's worried Dawson may have "some jealousy issues" with the new baby because he's been "incredibly clingy" with her.

"He loves dada, but he just loves mama so much more," Jared noted in January. "But more importantly, Ashley is pregnant! We're super excited to announce that Ashley is preggers -- just in case you missed it!"

Prior to unveiling their big news, Ashley told People that she's "overwhelmed as hell" preparing for another child to enter the world.

"We want Dawson to have a sibling," Jared said of his son, who turns 2-years-old this month. "That's very important. Both of us come from families with two kids. So we wanted to give that to Dawson."

Jared continued, "I want that big family dynamic, but man, having so many kids is just so overwhelming. So even the idea of a second kid, it's no longer two-on-one where we can play defense against him. Now it's just one-on-one."


Ashley also shared how her current pregnancy has been easier than her first one.

"I had hyperemesis gravidarum last time, so that meant that basically I threw up almost every, well, I threw up multiple times a day up to about 30 weeks," Ashley recalled.

"And the first 16 to 18 weeks were just absolutely debilitating. So I'm just so freaking grateful that I'm not experiencing that."

Ashley, however, said she hasn't exactly been feeling "great" either.

"I don't like the feeling of being pregnant. I never want to feel this again. Just don't like it," Ashley confessed.

In July 2023, Ashley and Jared told Us Weekly that they were "thinking" about trying for another baby in September or October.

"I love summer," Ashley told the magazine. "I just want to be, like, feeling free and enjoying it all because we all know that I will be totally, grossly sick for a long time. And I think it's best that all happens when it starts getting cooler."

And then in August 2023, Ashley shared on her "The Ben and Ashley I: Almost Famous Podcast" how she and Jared weren't initially thrilled about having a baby boy when they found out the sex of Baby No. 1.

"I had such gender disappointment with Dawson," Ashley admitted, although she "had a feeling" at the time that she was pregnant with a boy.

But Ashley clarified at the time that once she got over that emotional hurdle, she no longer cared about gender.

After about seven months of trying to conceive and Jared undergoing sperm analysis, the couple revealed during an Amazon Live session in July 2021 that they were expecting their first child and the baby was due on in February 2022.

The pair then announced in August 2021 that Ashley was pregnant with a baby boy and they had already picked out a name for him -- a name Ashley had been sold on for about 20 years due to her love for romantic series and movies, including Dawson's Creek and Titanic.

Ashley and Jared got married on August 11, 2019 at United Congregational Church Newport, RI, followed by a reception at Rosecliff, an oceanfront Gilded Age mansion in the seaside city.

The couple met in 2015 on Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise, and they attempted to navigate an on-and-off confusing romance on the show that simmered into a friendship in which Ashley largely pined for Jared as he dated other women on Season 2 and Season 3 of BIP.

Jared said he realized his feelings for Ashley and admittedly wanted what he couldn't have when she sparked up a romance with Canadian firefighter Kevin Wendt on The Bachelor Winter Games.

Jared eventually won Ashley over and the couple confirmed they were dating in May 2018.

Jared then proposed marriage to Ashley and they got engaged the following month in Mexico while the fifth season of Bachelor in Paradise was filming.

Prior to their appearances on Bachelor in Paradise, Ashley competed for Chris Soules' heart on The Bachelor's nineteenth season and Jared found fame on Kaitlyn Bristowe's edition of The Bachelorette for Season 11.


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