Jerry Springer apparently likes enjoys people watching people use their voice to verbally belt each other better than watching them belt out a tune.

The Jerry Springer Show host and former Dancing with the Stars contestant has announced that he will not be returning as the host of America's Got Talent, The Associated Press reported Thursday.

Springer cited other commitments -- specifically his The Jerry Springer Show duties as well as an unidentified stage role -- as his reasons for not hosting the NBC reality talent competition's upcoming fourth season, according to The AP.

Springer had served as the host of America's Got Talent's last two seasons after replacing first-season host Regis Philbin, who left the show due to the "heavy travel schedule" he had as he commuted from New York City to Los Angeles where the show taped.

Springer landed his America's Got Talent hosting role after he participated in Dancing with the Stars' third season in 2006.