Ousted American Idol hopeful Katrina Darrell has a simple explanation for why she seemed to clash with both the show's female judges and the three women she was teamed with during Hollywood Week's group performances.

"It's crazy, a lot of girls are haters,"  Darrell, a 20-year-old model from Chino Hills, CA, told Idol host Ryan Seacrest during a Thursday appearance on his KIIS-FM radio show.

While Darrell initially made headlines for her spat with Idol judges Kara DioGuardi and Paula Abdul when she auditioned for the show's eighth season wearing just a bikini, her "haters" comments seemed to focus more on feelings about Jasmine Murray, Rose Flack and Lauren Barnes, the three Hollywood Week group mates Darrell was shown performing with during Wednesday night's American Idol broadcast.

After listening the performance, Murray was the only one that wasn't eliminated by the judges, resulting in Darrell immediately walking off the stage alone while Flack and Barnes offered their congratulations to Murray.

"I was really nice to them and I was real, and then [they] were nice to my face, but then as soon as we got on stage it felt like they threw me under the bus," she told Seacrest. "Then they talked bad about me to the cameras and then after that was done they wanted to act like they were my best friends again.  So, I don't know, if you don't like someone [then] you don't like someone -- you don't like go back and forth and back and forth, you know?  I'm not into the drama."

During the interview, Darrell also told Seacrest that -- as she had told Idol's judges when she tried to explain her poor Hollywood Week performance -- sore high-heel feet and a hurting back were the reasons she decided to leave practice before her the rest of her teammates and then finally showed up late for the following day's performance after rejecting the other girls' earlier attempts to get her out of bed.

However she had no response for Seacrest's suggestion that she should have been able to endure a little pain for "the shot of a lifetime."

"I rehearsed and rehearsed and rehearsed, Darrell said.  "It looks like I went to sleep and had like a full night of sleep, but I [really] only got to sleep [for] two hours. And during that two hours, they were calling me the whole time and the girls kept coming in and out, so I didn't sleep."

Katrina Darrell, a 20-year-old model and clothing designer from Chino Hills, CA, auditions during American Idol's eighth season premiere (Photo credit Michael Becker/FOX)
Darrell also told Seacrest that she didn't feel she had let her group down.

"I think everyone as an individual should be able to carry their own weight," Darrell told Seacrest. "This is not a group competition."

However, while clearly still holding a resentment against her teammates, Darrell still had a few bones to pick with DioGuardi as well.

"I think from the beginning, [She was like] 'Oh, I think you're a beautiful girl...' and as soon as I walk out she [says] 'Bitch,'" she told Seacrest.
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Darrell also had an unconventional response to DioGuardi's sarcastic suggestion that she follow-up her initial bikini-clad audition by "bring[ing] your [stripper] pole" to the competition's Hollywood Week round.

"Okay. I am not a stripper, [but] I do have a stripper pole in my room," Darrell told Seacrest. "But that's only for fitness. It's not for any other reason, so don't get it twisted."

She also stated that she had enjoyed most of the other judges' comments, and even said she would be open to making amends with DioGuardi -- kind of.

"Kara, hopefully we can become better friends in the future, but if you continue to hate than I'm sorry," Darrell told Seacrest when he asked if she had any messages for Idol's judges. "Simon, you're amazing. I loved his comments. I totally loved his comments and I respect him fully, and Randy too. Those are my favorites, you and Simon and Randy."

As for what she envisioned for her post-Idol career, Darrell told Seacrest that she felt she "got what I wanted out of the show," and added that she felt it was appropriate for her to be eliminated from the show when she was, saying it was "time to move on to bigger things."

When Seacrest asked what was "bigger" than Idol, Darrell had a quick response.

"I wanna go on tour, and go sing and make a record, and be a Victoria's Secret runway model," Darrell said.

"Maybe not together... Mariah Carey has her perfume fragrance, and then she has her music career," Darrell -- seemingly unaware that he was mocking her -- added when Seacrest asked if she was envisioning some type of hybrid fashion/rock show.