David Hasselhoff is back home after being hospitalized over the weekend.

The America's Got Talent judge was released from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Sunday after he was rushed there on Friday from his Encino, CA home, E! News reported.

Hasselhoff was reportedly taken to the hospital after suffering a seizure, according to Radar Online, which subsequently reported he was picked up under the California Welfare and Institutions Code 5150 that "allows authorities to take into custody persons they believe may be a danger to themselves or others, are gravely disabled or suffer from a mental disorder."

Doctors agreed Hasselhoff needed to be admitted, Radar Online reported, adding he was kept under Code 5151 for psychiatric evaluation -- which could have lasted up to 72 hours.

While his attorney, Mel Goldsman, confirmed Hasselhoff had been released, he denied Radar Online's report that he was being held for psychiatric evaluation.

"David's at home," Goldsman told E! News. "He's fine. I'm not sure where that information is coming from."

The 57-year-old Hasselhoff -- who previously admitted he is a "recovering alcoholic" -- was also hospitalized in September.

While initial reports indicated it was due to alcohol poisoning, his attorney subsequently stated it was "all a misunderstanding" and added Hasselhoff "was being treated for an inner ear infection and had a bad reaction to his medication," causing the hospitalization.

Hasselhoff had a highly-publicized problem with alcohol in 2007, when he required hospital treatment following a relapse and suffered public humiliation when an alcohol-fueled rant was caught on video by his daughter.

He later accused his ex-wife Pamela Bach -- whom he had fought through both a divorce and a custody battle that included both accusing each other of having alcohol-related problems -- of releasing the videotape.  She subsequently denied the allegations.

In May, it was reported that Hasselhoff was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital after his daughter found him unconscious on the floor of his home due to an apparent case of alcohol poisoning.

His attorney subsequently called the report a "complete fabrication" and said Hasselhoff was instead taken to the hospital because he "wasn't feeling well."