Jeremy Britt is certain of one thing he wants to buy with his The Biggest Loser $250,000 prize money, but it's not a gift for himself.

The thirteenth-season The Biggest Loser champion explained he plans to purchase a vehicle for fellow contestant Allen "Buddy" Shuh, who quit the competition close to the end after he had learned of the twist in which the season's previously eliminated players would get to "unfairly and undeservedly" vie for a spot in the Final 3 and compete for the grand prize.

"When he left he said all he wanted was a minivan out of the show," Britt told People. "I promised him if I won I would get a minivan. So I owe Buddy a minivan."

Britt, a 22-year-old banker from Rockford, MI, began the competition at 389 pounds and weighed-in at 190 pounds during Tuesday night's live finale, giving him a 199-pound weight-loss and a whopping 51.16% weight-loss percentage that won him the title of "The Biggest Loser."  

Britt attributed much of his weight-loss success to the support he had received from his family, especially his sister and fellow finalist Conda Britt, who finished The Biggest Loser in third place after losing 115 pounds over the course of the season and posting a 39.12% total weight-loss percentage.

"When me and my sister went home we went to a great gym. My mom couldn't have been more supportive of me. She helped me out a ton," Britt said.

"I'm not here where I am today without the help of my mom, my trainers back home, my trainers on the show, the gym. Everyone was so accommodating to me, and everyone needed a smooth transition and wanted to make it known -- 'Jeremy, you make this about you and we will help you in any way we can.' That's how I got those results."

Britt's motivation to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle apparently inspired his mother in return.

"I do come from an overweight family, and my mom has lost 50 pounds since we left for the show," Britt told People. "To me, that's what it's about. I was given a great gift so I want to help other people, and being able to start with my own family is great."

Despite his drastic transformation, Britt said he won't be turning fitness into a new career like many The Biggest Loser contestant before him, but he also won't soon be forgetting the lessons he had learned while competing on the show.

"I'm a normal person who lives a normal life and I'll go back to doing that and [I'll] incorporate this health and fitness into it," Britt said, according to Us Weekly. "I keep going."

Britt was ousted from The Biggest Loser in Week 16 after he posted the lowest weight-loss percentage of the season's three remaining players at the weigh-in but then won the chance to re-enter the game and become a finalist by beating all of his fellow thirteenth-season previously eliminated contestants in a series of challenges.