The Biggest Loser's thirteenth season eliminated Christine "Chris" Pickler during Tuesday night's broadcast of the NBC reality weight-loss competition's fifteenth episode.

Chris, a self-employed 42-year-old from Middlebury, IN, became the fourteenth contestant ousted from the competition's thirteenth season after she finished with the lowest weight-loss percentage at the weigh-in, which featured the six remaining contestants weighing-in individually as singles, and was subsequently voted off by the rest of the season's cast.

"I am leaving here with a tremendous sense of accomplishment. I'm very proud of myself. I am thankful for every moment I've had here -- very grateful," Chris said following her ouster.

The Biggest Loser's fifteenth thirteenth-season episode picked up where last week's broadcast had left off, with the contestants having received makeovers and meeting with the First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House to show off their new looks.

The Biggest Loser's veteran trainer Bob Harper then led a workout session with Mrs. Obama, and the season's contestants and their families. 

Once the players returned to the ranch, Chris got a phone call from her husband and previously eliminated The Biggest Loser contestant Roy Pickler.

Roy admitted to his wife he was very lonely at home, and then Chris asked him whether he needed her to leave the ranch and join him at home and he said yes. Chris began to think and worry about all the pressures and temptations that would face her again at home, and as a result, she indulged in unhealthy foods and spent time binge eating.

Chris was sad about the situation and also angry, claiming "the old Chris" had the ability to come in and take over.

Afterward, the contestants participated in their last chance workouts with Bob and previously new trainer Dolvett Quince, who returned to the show for his second season.

Bob could tell something was very wrong with Chris because she wasn't doing the work. After they discussed Chris' relationship with Roy, Bob asked her a time when Roy actually supported her. She couldn't answer his question because she clearly couldn't remember a time, and then she broke down in helpless tears.

Bob told Chris that Roy had to take care of his end of the relationship and she shouldn't feel so obligated to be at his side every moment. She then realized it felt good to be happy and she needed to take care of herself first by staying on the ranch and completing her weight-loss journey there. Chris was not yet ready to go home and refused to become the unhealthy and sad person she used to be.

Later on, The Biggest Loser's thirteenth-season's fourteenth elimination weigh-in commenced.
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Alison explained to the contestants that the two individuals with the lowest weight-loss percentages would fall below the yellow line and face elimination, forcing the safe contestants to vote one of them out of the competition.

The players then stepped on the scale one by one to learn their fate.

Allen "Buddy" Shuh, a 42-year-old pastor from Wayne, MI, weighed-in first and learned he had shed nine pounds over the course of the week after dropping from 269 pounds to 260 pounds. Since he had gained a one-pound advantage by winning the challenge broadcast during last week's episode, he ended up posting a higher-than-normal weight-loss percentage of 3.72%.

Kim Nielsen, a 38-year-old former professional wrestler from Roswell, GA, lost only two pounds, falling from 164 to 162 pounds. She posted a 1.22% weight-loss percentage and feared falling below the yellow line.

Jeremy Britt, a 22-year-old banker from Rockford, MI, posted a 4.23% weight-loss percentage after losing 11 pounds. He dropped from 260 pounds to 249 pounds.

It was then time for Conda Britt, a 24-year-old nutrition health services technician from Rockford, MI, to weigh-in. Conda shed five pounds after falling from 210 pounds to 205 pounds. However, she was given a one-pound disadvantage as a penalty for coming in last place during the week's challenge, which left her with a 1.90% weight-loss percentage.

Mark Cornelison, a 43-year-old youth pastor from Magnolia, TX, dropped from 200 pounds to 196 pounds after losing four pounds total and posting a 2.00% weight-loss percentage.

Chris then stepped on the scale and was not surprised to discover she had put on weight over the course of the week thanks to her poor diet. She gained two pounds and rose from 170 to 172 pounds, posting a +1.18% weight-loss percentage.

As a result, Chris and Kim fell below the yellow line and the other contestants had to deliberate to decide which of the two players would be eliminated from The Biggest Loser's thirteenth season.

The contestants then gathered in the voting room and met The Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney, who explained that in the event of a tie, the person with the lowest percentage of weight-loss would be eliminated, and that person was Chris.

The players then revealed their votes. Conda and Buddy both voted for Chris and two votes were enough to constitute for her elimination because there were six contestants total. Jeremy, Mark, and Kim did not have to show their votes.

In a post-elimination update, Chris, who started The Biggest Loser weighing 240 pounds, said she currently weighs 156 pounds. She explained how she was learning to incorporate more exercise into her everyday life with the help of Roy. Chris was also on the right track to influencing her children to lose weight and eat a healthier diet.