Hosea Rosenberg, a 26-year-old executive chef from Taos, NM who currently resides in Boulder, CO, was crowned Top Chef: New York's winner during Wednesday night's broadcast of the Bravo reality competition's finale.

"Yeah!" Hosea exclaimed after his victory was revealed.

"I'm kind of in shock right now, I'm so happy, it feels pretty damn cool," a more composed Hosea added afterwards.  "This is one of the biggest accomplishments in my life, I know a lot of people are going to be proud of me for this and I couldn't be happier.  Things are going to change, for sure."

As Top Chef: New York's champion, Hosea won $100,000 in seed money to help open a restaurant, a feature in Food & Wine magazine, and a showcase at the Annual Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. 

Hosea defeated Stefan Richter, a 35-year-old chef from Tampere, Finland who currently resides in Santa Monica, CA, and Carla Hall, a 44-year-old chef and catering business owner from Nashville, TN who currently resides in Washington, D.C., during last night's finale broadcast.

Stefan -- who had seemed to spend most of Top Chef: New York's season as the show's clear frontrunner -- finished as the competition's runner-up while Carla finished in third place.

"If I had made a different dessert today I would have won.  [The judges] expected more from me today," Stefan said after Hosea's victory was announced.  "Would I have loved the title?   Absolutely, no doubt about it.  But I don't turn around and go 'Oh, I'm bitter, I didn't get $100 grand, I'm not Top Chef' --  I'm happy dude!"

"I should have done my food and I will not make that mistake again," Carla added.  "But when I came here I wanted to show people a different way of competing -- to compete with love -- so I did one of the things I wanted to do here."

"It felt amazing to win, but to have it come down neck-and-neck with Stefan just made it all that sweeter," Hosea said.  "That was the icing on the cake, it felt really good."