Emily Maynard admits ex-fiance Brad Womack's recent comment that he "dodged a bullet" when their relationship ended stung a little bit.

"At first, my feelings were really hurt, because we left everything very civil and I've never said a bad word about him. But knowing Brad, he didn't mean it that way. That's what I'm going to say," the eighth-season The Bachelorette star said during a Wednesday appearance on Access Hollywood Live.

When asked if she dodged a bullet herself by calling off their engagement early last summer after encountering problems shortly following ABC's March 2011 broadcast of The Bachelor's fifteenth-season finale, Maynard simply replied, "No."

Womack has apparently not attempted to contact Maynard since she began her The Bachelorette journey with the hopes of finding a husband and father figure for her six-year-old daughter Ricki.

"I haven't heard from him since filming started," said the 26-year-old single mom.

During a recent interview with ABC's KTRK-TV affiliate in Houston, TX, Womack insisted he has "no interest" in watching Maynard's currently-airing edition of the reality dating competition unfold. However, the 38-year-old bar owner from Austin, TX, wished her well.

"All I'll say is, she is a hell of a woman. I hope it works out. I'm happy; I hope she's happy. So maybe we can do an interview after the finale and you can tell me what happens," Womack explained.