The Bachelorette star Emily Maynard eliminated three bachelors during last night's broadcast of the ABC reality dating series' eighth season.

Tony Pieper, a 31-year-old lumber trader from Beaverton, OR, was ousted during the third episode's group date because Emily didn't want to take him away from the son whom he missed terribly, while Alessandro Goulart, a 30-year-old grain merchant from St. Paul, MN, was eliminated during the subsequent cocktail reception for calling a life with Emily and her six-year-old daughter Ricki a "compromise."

In addition, Stevie, a 26-year-old party MC from Staten Island, NJ, was the only suitor Emily decided to deny a rose and send home during the actual Rose Ceremony at the end of the broadcast.

"I respect Emily, like I thought she had every good quality that I look for in a woman. I do want to find love, but at the same time, things were meant to be for a reason. It may be bittersweet, but I can't wait to get home to my son. That's the number one thing in my life. That's the number one thing I want to get home to right now," Tony said following his ouster.

The Bachelorette's third eighth-season episode began with host Chris Harrison telling the 16 remaining bachelors there would be two one-on-one dates and one group date over the course of the next week. There would be a rose up for grabs during each -- and if the bachelors on the one-on-one dates failed to receive a rose, they would be ousted immediately.

Chris, a 25-year-old corporate sales director from Chicago, IL, then learned he would be accompanying Emily on the week's first one-on-one date. Emily said Chris was at the top of her list since the very first night, so she was really excited. She said she felt really comfortable around Chris and believed he was sweet and mature.

After the couple walked around downtown Charlotte, NC, for a bit, Emily then told Chris they'd be climbing a tall building to get their dinner.

As they were scaling the side of the building, Emily started freaking because a thunderstorm was starting and they both noticed lightening. Chris tried to comfort Emily, and although she was petrified, she said there was no one else she'd rather have by her side. Emily was starting to think they "might be a good match."

Chris really wanted to kiss Emily once they reached the top of the building, but he settled for a high five because he didn't feel like the moment was right. However, he hoped his kiss would come at some point in the near future.

The couple then shared a dinner on the roof of the building. Emily told Chris if she saw him in a bar, she probably would be too nervous to approach him because he was so good looking. Meanwhile, Chris was thinking she was absolutely gorgeous and couldn't believe she'd be intimidated to meet him in another setting.

During their conversation, Chris then told Emily he had one seriously relationship that lasted five or six years that began in high school. Emily, intrigued by the thought, asked Chris how old he was and he told her 25.

"Hearing that Chris was 25 was a little bit scary for me. I feel like that is maybe a red flag. He has to realize that this is a package-deal and I come with a young daughter and it's a lot to take on. I hope he understands that," Emily said.

Meanwhile, Tony was really missing his son at home, so he was desperate to spend some alone time with Emily in the coming days no matter who was going to be around or could get in his way. The bachelors in the mansion then learned that 12 of them would have to share the group date with Emily.

Alessandro; Alejandro, a 25-year-old mushroom farmer from San Francisco, CA; Tony; Michael, a 26-year-old rehab counselor from Austin, TX; and John "Wolf," a 30-year-old data destruction specialist from St. Louis, MO, would be accompanying Emily on the week's group date.

The other men who were selected for the group date included: Stevie; Charlie, a 32-year-old recruiter from Nashville, TN; Jef, a 27-year-old entrepreneur from Salt Lake City, UT; Ryan, a 31-year-old pro sports trainer from Augusta, GA; Sean, a 28-year-old insurance agent from Dallas, TX; Doug, a 33-year-old real estate agent from Seattle, WA; and Travis, a 30-year-old advertising sales representative from Madison, MS.

Back on Emily's date, Chris told Emily he knew he was a little young but they were still similar in age and he was a man who was ready to fall in love, settle down and have a family. He told her he was at the point in his life where he had experienced a lot and had every intention of becoming a good husband.

"I definitely like Chris even more than I thought I would. I always dated older guys -- never anyone younger than me -- but he makes me feel like he's older than me, so I know in my heart that I really like him and I have to follow my heart," Emily explained.

Emily then gave Chris the date's rose and he said "there were no words to describe" how he was feeling. The couple then enjoyed a private concert from one of Emily's favorite country artists, and they danced together in the street. Emily thought the date was incredible and believed Chris was real and genuine despite his surprising age. She was convinced he was mature and most likely ready to commit.

During their dance, Chris asked Emily if he could give her a kiss at the end of the song, and Emily ultimately said, "Well why don't you try and you'll find out."

Emily then let Chris kiss her, and he said it was one of the greatest things he had ever experienced in his life.

"Emily did actually capture my heart. This has to be the top moment of my life. I can see myself falling in love with Emily. This is the beginning of something good. I can feel it," Chris said.

Emily then told the cameras she could see herself "falling head over heels in love with Chris" and wondered if they could find a love that could last forever.

The next day, Emily embarked on her group date and led the guys to believe they were going to play some sports in the park and have a relaxing day. But before they knew it, Emily introduced her girlfriends to the bachelors and explained they'd be getting interrogated by the women so she could find some important answers.

Emily's suitors seemed a little nervous, but they were ready to take the heat for Emily. Emily joked with the guys saying there was "no pressure," but the bachelors knew better and assumed that wouldn't be the case.

Some questions Emily's girlfriends asked the bachelors included whether they ever cheated on someone, what they had in common with Emily, whether they were truly ready to become a father, and lastly, if they could do some situps and serve as their eye candy for a few short moments. Emily's friend Wendy even asked Sean do some shirtless situps while sitting on his back.

The women seemed to have a great time and joked with the guys although some serious discussion was also involved. In the end, Emily's friends saw Sean, Ryan and Doug to be the frontrunners.

Afterward, Emily told the guys they were going to play with kids around a big jungle gym to test their potential father skills. Mostly all the bachelors seemed to pass Emily's little test and she was anticipating the second half of the date.

Later that night, the guys and Emily enjoyed some drinks, and each bachelor hoped to secure some one-on-one time with The Bachelorette star. Sean got to talk to Emily first and told her he was very selective in choosing a partner and wanted a confident woman who knew where she was going in life but would also allow a man to come into her existing life.

Emily was impressed with Sean, and he insisted he had studied his parents' relationship and taken notes for 28 years on how to be a good husband. He said his parents were still in love and he learned a lot by simply watching their example.

Doug then had some special time with Emily and he shared some very personal stories about his past. Doug was raised by his father, who suffered from epilepsy, and watched a woman his father loved walk out on them. Doug told Emily his father ended up passing away because he opted to spend money on groceries for his family rather than pay for medical care, and as a result, he ended up being forced in and out of foster homes.

After telling Emily he even got split up from his sister once because they got placed with different families, Emily teared up and couldn't believe he wasn't angry with the world. Emily realized how blessed she was and then figured Doug would be an amazing dad and was simply an amazing human being general.

While Emily was talking to the guys, Tony was still thinking about his son at home and couldn't get over the fact they were apart. He started wondering whether he was doing the right thing by being there.

Tony then got a chance to sit down and talk with Emily and he began to cry when discussing how badly he missed his son. Emily reminded Tony that the journey could all be worth it in the end and then told him the process was probably going to be harder on himself than on his son.

Emily hoped Tony could hang in there after giving him a little reassurance and support.

Meanwhile, at the mansion, Arie, a 30-year-old race car driver from Scottsdale, AZ, learned he was going to be the next lucky guy to go on a one-on-one date with Emily and he was ecstatic.

Back on Emily's group date, Tony secluded himself outdoors and Doug joined him to try to help him out since he also left a son at home. Doug told Tony he wasn't doing anything bad by being there, and once he returned to his son, it would feel like no time elapsed at all. Tony seemed a little comforted, but then he called his son and completely broke down afterwards.

Emily noticed Tony was missing from the group and sought him out. She wanted to chat with him a little more, but it was ultimately to let him go because she knew he wasn't handling the process well and belonged at home with his son.

"I'm sorry you're having a hard time. It makes me think back to my time with Brad and going through everything, and there were days when I missed Ricki so much. I mean, I missed her everyday obviously. And if Brad knew, even for a second that I wasn't his girl, I wanted him to send me home that minute. I think you're such a great guy and I have honestly loved getting to know you and you have to know that, but seeing you so upset and knowing how that feels in your heart -- and I know that heart break of missing your kid -- that's your soul, and I would never be able to forgive myself if I kept you longer if it didn't work out," Emily told Tony.

"I don't want you to look back and think, 'Why did she ever take me away from my son if she... you know what I mean? If I could sit here and say 110% percent that it's you and me till the end, I would absolutely be holding onto your coattails. But I want you to be with your son. I know how that feels. I have no doubt that you're going to make a wonderful husband to one lucky lady one day and Taylor is really lucky to have you."

Emily was scared to break Tony's heart, but she knew the minute he got home and could hold his son in his arms, he'd be happy once again.

Shortly after Tony's departure, Emily decided to give the date's rose to Sean for not only impressing her friends but showing her a side to him she had been anxiously waiting to see. Emily told Sean he was backing up everything he had said since the moment they first talked, and she clearly appreciated his honesty.

The following day, Emily picked up Arie for their date. She thought he was really good looking but didn't have to try, and she also believed he was "super chill" and down to earth.

They couple then went to the Dollywood amusement park in Pigeon Forge, TN. Emily and Arie rode some rides and then went inside a little theater where they attempted to write a love song together. However, a song was already written for Emily, as  Dolly Parton herself surprised the Bachelorette.

Emily was shocked and thrilled, because Dolly was one of her all-time favorite idol's. After Dolly performed the song she wrote for Emily, the two ladies sat down and had a little chat about finding love.

That night, an elated Emily and Arie sat down for a romantic dinner. Arie told her he was definitely ready to be a father because he had dated a woman with two children prior to going on the show. He said he grew very close to the kids and even drove them to school, which ultimately made his breakup much more difficult.

Emily respected the fact Arie knew what it entailed to be a good father, as he already had learned what his responsibilities would be in the position of a stepdad. When Arie asked Emily what went wrong with her former fiance Brad Womack, she said Brad just wasn't as ready to be married and have children as he had suggested.

Arie then brought up the concern of whether Emily would be okay with his busy schedule, and she said she actually "welcomed" the idea due to the fact she enjoyed her space. However, her one request would be that he thinks of her while he's gone. Arie agreed and then Emily was quick to hand him the date's rose, which he didn't hesitate to accept.

"This rose symbolizes the start of something great. I really believe it does," Arie said. "Emily has exceeded my expectations by a thousand percent. I can't believe the connection that we built today and the way it's going, I can imagine myself someday getting down on one knee."

Emily and Arie then hopped on a lit-up carousel and they shared their first kiss. Emily admitted she was pretty smitten with Arie.

"I never thought in a million years that I would have the feelings that I have this early. I thought from day one that Arie reminds me a lot of my daughter's dad Ricky. It's really cool, because that's like my best relationship I've ever had in my entire life and it's scary," Emily said.

"Guys like Arie are really, really hard to find. And so, I feel like I've finally found him and I don't want to screw it up."

The next night, the cocktail party preceding the Rose Ceremony took place, so each of them bachelors would have one last chance to steal some personal time with Emily.

Emily pulled Kalon, a 27-year-old luxury brand consultant from Houston, TX, aside first, and he told her he took it very personally when he didn't get a date that week. He said it was "devastating" to watch her date other guys. Emily then asked him how he felt about potentially being a father to Ricki, and he seemed open to the idea although he admitted he'd prefer his first child to be his own.

When Kalon was implying a life with Emily and Ricki may not be his ideal choice but he'd most likely be willing to embrace it, Emily interjected with a quick statement and Kalon jumped on her.

"I love it when you talk but I wish you would let me finish," Kalon said.

His statement apparently turned Emily off because she thought it was a bit rude.

"I do feel like Kalon is a gentleman. I do feel like his mom did a very good job raising him, but to be honest, I didn't really love when he told me that I needed to let him finish. I'm trying to figure out if it's because he hasn't had much time with me -- I'm still kind of waiting to see if there's something more to him that I'm just not seeing yet," Emily said. "I do like tall, skinny and funny, but I don't like tall, skinny and condescending."

After Emily had a quick conversation with Travis and they broke his ostrich egg, Emily wanted to get to know Alessandro a little bit. Alessandro told her he didn't have much experience in the role of being a father, but he hoped she could teach him. However, Alessandro then said something that rubbed Emily completely the wrong way.

"I'm willing to take that compromise as part of my life. If I wasn't willing to do this, I wouldn't be here, honestly," Alessandro told her.

"What would you be compromising?" Emily asked.

"Compromise would be me as a dad, as a chief, in a family," Alessandro said.

Emily asked him why he didn't see having Ricki in his life as an honor, and he simply said he just didn't see it that way. Emily disliked his answer and wanted her potential husband to see having a daughter as "the biggest bonus." Alessandro tried to elaborate on his position by saying having a family would compromise his work and ability to travel, but Emily obviously just wasn't having it. Emily then sent Alessandro home.

"I'm totally shocked because I wasn't expecting that at all. Right now, I wouldn't be able to provide Emily and Ricki with what they need because I live like a gypsy king and it's all the freedom I've always wanted. But like I said, I was willing to take that huge change in my life. So, it sucks to give Emily a last hug. Sucks. Sucks," Alessandro said following his ouster.

Emily was mad and felt disrespected, but Arie came to her rescue and comforted her with a few kisses. She said Arie calmed her down and made her feel really special. The other guys watched the couple kiss and were pretty jealous over what they saw. Ryan, for example, said he never saw himself competing against someone like Arie.

The Bachelorette's third eighth-season Rose Ceremony then commenced.

Besides Chris, Arie and Sean, Emily gave roses to Jef, Charlie, Doug, Michael, Travis, Alejandro, Ryan, John, Kalon, and Nate. 

"It sucks. It hurts. I saw something in her that I thought was great and I wanted to pursue. She obviously saw more in those guys than she did me. I would love to fall in love -- simple as that -- sucks," Stevie said following his ouster.