Elizabeth Berkley and pro partner Val Chmerkovskiy admit their believe their time on Dancing with the Stars ended too early and they were definitely surprised by Monday night's Dancing with the Stars elimination results.

"Listen, I'm not someone who ever feels entitled to anything. I just felt like we had been working so hard. We had just hit this really beautiful rhythm and we were getting great, great scores. So I was a little surprised, sad I have to admit, and disappointed. Just because I felt like we had more dances in us," Berkley said during a Tuesday appearance on Good Morning America.

"Clearly, I still don't know what happened," Chmerkovskiy said.

"I don't have any bad feelings or I'm not bitter at all. I think [Elizabeth] just did incredible. My friend texted me like, 'This is B-S,' and I was like, 'Just smile and enjoy because there's so much to celebrate.' Every moment was fun. It was awesome."

Added the pro dancer, "I wish we could still have two more weeks and then still do our thing and give it a crack at winning the thing, but the truth is, I have no regrets. There's literally nothing more I could've done, nothing more that she could've done."

Chmerkovskiy and the actress and former Step It Up and Dance host received the first perfect score of the season in addition to another perfect score of 30 points during last night's show.

"If you got to go, I have to say it was a very sweet night. We had a beautiful kind of duality. We had the romantic Viennese waltz on one hand and then we had this sexy, salsa. To get to show both sides, and as a woman to express that as an actress, it was really a moving night in that way to me. And to get to do that with Val, we've been on this journey together," Berkley explained.

Chmerkovskiy noted it was "hard" to work with Berkley because she was such a perfectionist, but at the same time, it was "so rewarding."

"I'm very grateful to have had somebody like her. All the things that I complained about or was annoyed about, her over-the-top love and commitment to everything she does and how much time she spends," Chmerkovskiy said.

"She just gives people herself all the time. And so I mean, she's an incredible person and was a pleasure to work with, and it adds a lot of responsibility on you to make sure that you deliver as a teacher -- that I made the right choices, and I really feel like we did that."

Berkley also explained she loved to dance as a child and the experience brought back a "love" and "passion" for being onstage that gave her a newfound confidence.

"I grew so much with [Val] as my teacher. He pushed me to new levels that maybe I wouldn't have known how to do. He brought things out of me. I also am really grateful, you know, each week, he was so careful to create moments where I could shine, and to have someone who has your back, like that is huge to me. Just so many blessings across the board. It's the truth!" Berkley told GMA.

"In life, in anything that you do, to be able to walk away and say, 'There's nothing more I could have given...' Sometimes I'd get in my car with some tears in my eyes after [rehearsals] just because [it] was so amazing. I really appreciated it."
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Chmerkovskiy also noted he had an awesome time and it was "a great season" overall for him.

"There's no one to vote for now!" the pro dancer joked.

The couple was eliminated just before the semifinals and after finishing in second place on Monday night's leaderboard. Only five celebrity and professional pairings remain going forward in the Dancing with the Stars competition.