Elena Davies is competing as one of the houseguests on Big Brother's nineteenth season.

Elena is a 26-year-old radio personality from Fort Worth, TX, who currently resides in Dallas, TX. The blonde beauty has found herself in a good position in the game so far on Big Brother.

Not only is she in a showmance with Mark Jansen, but she is also on the side of the house with the numbers. However, Cody Nickson just flipped the game upside down by targeting a member of his own alliance, Paul Abrahamian, instead of one of the "outsiders" -- as he likes to call the houseguests who aren't members of his clique.

But Paul managed to save himself with the "Pendant of Protection," prompting Cody to name a replacement nominee in Christmas Abbott. Elena is worried going forward about the house being split in half.

Below is a list of 5 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Elena Davies:

- Elena believes she has equal parts of charming and abrasive, and she only offends people if they are easily offended. She also considers herself funny, expensive and needy.

- Elena loves cheeseburgers, ice cream, dogs, watching TV, experimenting with makeup, napping, dancing, tailgating, and attending festivals and concerts.

- The Big Brother houseguest hosts "Two Peas in a Podcast" with her good friend at KiddNation.com. The pair began this job several months ago.

- Elena is single and hasn't had much success in her dating life at home, so when it came to getting involved in a showmance when entering the house, she was hesitant to spark something up on television. 

However, if a guy connected with her intellectually and made her laugh, she'd be open to the idea of a showmance. (Props to Mark Jansen for meeting her requirements).

- Elena admits she's not a very emotional person and some of her friends have even called her a "mannequin," joking around about whether she has a heart.