Jason Dent is competing as one of the houseguests on Big Brother's nineteenth season.

Jason is a 37-year-old rodeo clown from Humeston, IA, one of the oldest contestants to play Big Brother this season. For that reason, he's had a tough time fitting in with the cast.

About a week into the Big Brother competition, Jason has found himself on the outside of the house's majority alliance, trying to work with the underdogs to take down some of the big threats.

Jason was picked to play in the first Power of Veto competition and hoped to save his pal Alex Ow, who was on the chopping block, but she ended up winning the challenge and saving herself.

Unfortunately, Jason had to make a deal with the first Head of Household, Cody Nickson, in order to avoid being a replacement nominee.

Will Jason hold up his end of the bargain and not target a power couple if he becomes HoH?

Below is a list of 5 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Jason Dent:

- In addition to being a rodeo clown, Jason also enjoys bull fighting, stunt work, comedy, serving as an auctioneer, and appearing at promotions or parties.

- Jason's nickname in the entertainment industry is Whistle-Nut, a name he says gets a lot of traffic because kids love repeating it and it makes adults laugh.

- Jason never watched Big Brother before entering the house, so his strategy was to simply focus, be present and use his senses.

Since he's in high-pressure and stress situations all the time, he figured he would do well on the show.

- The BB houseguest is married and has a two-year-old son. He also calls his bull named Ole his best friend.

- Jason considers himself a storyteller extraordinaire because his stories are always true, creative and infectious.