Coupled star Alexandra "Alex" Clark has revealed she's never had sex before and shared other juicy behind-the-scenes details of the new Fox reality dating show.

The latest episode of Coupled featured Alex, a 23-year-old on-air radio personality and DJ from Louisville, KY, making a bold remark about how she'll forever be young and "100% bangable" after bachelor Javier Finlay, a 34-year-old attorney from Miami, FL, decided to reject her as well as Alyssa Reeves, a 32-year-old model from Sherman Oaks, CA.

Alex apparently felt the need to explain her comment, saying that it was taken out of context and sounded much worse than she intended.

"After he doesn't choose either of us, you see a little gem of a quote from me about never aging and being... '100% bangable, 100% of the time. WIFE ME.' Did you notice the dress I had on was the same I was wearing when I first got there? So after Javier had told me that my age was a concern, I said that stuff joking around as in 'who cares that I'm young! I'll always look younger!'" Alex wrote in her blog.

"First of all I LOVE anti-aging products and skincare, if you don't know already I get preventive anti-aging fillers at Calospa here in Louisville. Couple things here. One, this hasn't been a part of my story line on the show but with the guys I went to the villas with I told them very soon after meeting them that like Ashley I am waiting till I'm married to have sex."

Alex and Javier were on a little tennis date when she revealed the news to him about being a virgin.

"I told him this too and he definitely wasn't on the same page with that. When I said I was 'bangable,' I was obviously being funny and cheeky and I also paused after saying 'wife me' and said, 'After I'm married of course,' or, 'After he puts a ring on it though.' It was something like that," Alex said.

"The point is, I was being sarcastic and if anyone ever says 'wife me' that should be pretty obvious it's a joke. If you know me, you know my sense of humor and that I was kidding. Just like if you see a hot guy and you say, 'I would have his babies' you're joking and saying that he's just very attractive. Same sort of scenario."

Alex joked, however, that while she's waiting until marriage to have sex, she certainly doesn't mind a good makeout session.

Also in her blog, Alex admitted there were red flags regarding Javier from the get-go. She claimed that he slowly turned her off before she decided they had no connection whatsoever.

First of all, Javier told her that he had been married before, and Alex didn't think he was completely over his ex. Not only was Javier 11 years older than her, but she also didn't like the fact his bucket list included doing a lot of things "alone," like taking a trip to Italy by himself.

Another problem for Alex was when she politely tried to join in on a conversation Javier was having with Alyssa, he allegedly looked at her with a straight face and said, "Actually, no." She also thought he had trust issues. 
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Alex therefore insisted the decision not to date one another going forward was completely mutual. She said she had every intention to return to the bungalows and start the Coupled process all over again even if Javier picked her.