Big Brother's Final 3 eleventh-season houseguests were reminded of the show's "expect the unexpected" mantra during last night's live broadcast.

Host Julie Chen revealed that all three remaining houseguests -- Kevin Campbell, a 29-year-old graphic designer from Chula Vista, CA, Jordan Lloyd, a 22-year-old waitress from Matthews, NC, and Natalie Martinez, 24-year-old Tae Kwon Do champion from Gilbert, AZ -- will make it to the show's finale broadcast, rather than just the Final 2 advancing.

"Well houseguests, I have an important announcement to make," said Julie. "In a Big Brother first, all three of you will make it to finale night on Tuesday.  That means no one is leaving the house tonight."

"What!?" said Kevin and Natalie in unison.

"Is this a joke?" asked a Jordan.

"Here's how it's going to work," continued Julie.

"Tonight, Natalie and Jordan will compete live in part two of the HoH competition.  The winner will then face-off against Kevin in the third and final round -- also live on finale night.  The winner of that part will become the final HoH and decide who they want sitting next to them in the Final 2.  Then, the evicted houseguest will immediately join the jury with me here in the studio to question the Final 2 before casting their votes live.  The votes will be counted, and the winner of the $500,000 prize will be revealed."

Last night's Big Brother broadcast began with the conclusion of the first challenge in the eleventh season's three-part final HoH competition, which was held after Michele Noonan's eviction on Tuesday night.

Dubbed "Log Jam," each houseguest would have to hold onto their house key while attempting to stay on a rolling log, with the last houseguest standing winning the first-round competition.

Rain, snow, wind and debris fell on the houseguests, and the log they were standing on rolled both forwards and backwards, forcing them to keep their concentration if they wanted to hold onto the key.  In addition, Natalie was trying to distract Jordan but also attempted to gain her confidence in case she happened to win the final HoH.

"Me talking to Jordan on that log was to make her think that I'm with her so that way if she does go all the way to the end and has a decision to choose, she chooses me," explained Natalie in the Diary Room.

However Jordan was the first houseguest to fall off the log, losing her footing three hours and 27 minutes into the challenge.

"I kind of zoned out for a second because [the log] went forward and I just slipped off," she said afterwards.  "I would say it's a $500,000 mistake."

Jordan went inside and Natalie and Kevin discussed their plan.

"When Jordan fell, I was like, 'Yes!'" said Kevin.  "All that was left was two things: one, Natalie falls.  Two, I win the third phase of this HoH competition.  That's it.  There's nothing else left in this game."

Kevin told Natalie she should fall and award him the first part of the challenge, which they had agreed upon a few days earlier since they both assumed Natalie would be able to beat Jordan in the second part of the final HoH challenge.

Natalie made Kevin swear on his life that he would take her to the Final 2 if he won HoH.

"I swear on everything I know," he said.

"Because I could do this all night," she told him.  "No joke.  I could stay up here all night."

Despite promising, Kevin confessed to viewers that Natalie wasn't a sure bet to make it to the Final 2.

"My word means nothing in this game," he said in the Diary Room.  "So I will swear up and down, left and right.  At this point, all that matters is getting Natalie to fall so I can get to the third phase, win the HoH, and boot this biz-natch out of this house."

Natalie was reluctant to just fall and award the first phase to Kevin.  However she eventually relented.

"You better realize what I'm doing here," she told him before falling.  "If you burn me dude, that's huge... America, you heard him!  He said he's taking me to the end no matter what..."

"No matter what," reiterated Kevin.

Natalie then fell.

The second part of the final HoH competition then aired live during last night's broadcast after Julie told the houseguests about the Final 3 twist.

Dubbed "Heads Will Roll," Natalie and Jordan would each have to roll balls representing each of the previous HoHs up a ramp and into their designated holes, with the first hole representing the first HoH of the season.  There was a two-minute time limit, and the houseguest with the most correct answers would win. 

Natalie went first and encountered a problem when one of her balls accidentally landed in the wrong hole and could not be dislodged.  Instead of compensating for the mistake, Natalie never accounted for it -- basically throwing off the rest of her order.  She finished with five correct answers and two second left on the clock.

Despite some brief moments of panic, Jordan did much better and correctly matched nine of the 10 with 18 seconds left.

Back inside the house, Julie revealed the results to Kevin, Natalie and Jordan.

"I'm sweating so bad!  I was so nervous," said Jordan after Julie asked how it felt to win.  "I'm excited."

Needless to say, Natalie wasn't too happy.

"It sucks," she said.  "This was a mental challenge and I knew every order.  I could tell you anything that's happened in this house from Day 1 all the way to now.  But that ball went into the wrong hole and I continued on and I didn't skip..."

"It was mental and physical actually," said Julie.

In addition, last night's broadcast also featured previously evicted houseguest Jeff Schroeder entering the jury house -- which delighted Jessie Godderz, Lydia Tavera and Russell Kairouz, all of whom were ousted by Jeff in some way.

"Obviously coming into the jury house was a little nerve racking," explained Jeff.  "The three members that are here, I had a hand in putting them all out.  I know it's a tough pill to swallow because I'm swallowing mine right now."

After Jeff told Jessie, Lydia and Russell that he was ousted by Kevin, Jessie revealed to Jeff that Natalie was actually 24-years-old and not 18.

"Oh damn it!" responded Jeff.  "Honestly, you want me to give my opinion about Natalie?  She didn't win one damn thing the whole game.  She rode coattails."

Jeff said it was "a little shocking" to learn everyone had turned on Natalie, but also liked that it gave Jordan "good hope."

The four then watched video footage from the week Jeff was evicted.

"Who do you think are going to get to the Final 2?" Lydia asked Jeff.

"Michele and Jordan," he answered.

"You think Jordan?" asked Russell.  "You think she's going to slip under the radar?"

"Yeah," replied Jeff.  "I think Kevin's coming home this week.  Natalie hasn't won one thing -- nor will she.  Natalie's next right after Kevin."

Jeff also explained that Kevin "burnt" Jordan and Michele by burning him, however Jessie said that didn't really matter.

"After you go out people don't care about you anymore," said Jessie.

"We'll see," replied Jeff.

In addition, Julie revealed that -- presumably due to Chima Simone's expulsion from the Big Brother house earlier this season because of several rules violations -- there would be an even number of jury members, which could result in the final vote being a tie.

"When the final houseguest joins the jury on finale night, there will only be six houseguests who decide who wins this game," said Julie.  "That means you America are the seventh juror, and your vote could determine who wins Big Brother."

Home viewers can cast their votes via text messaging on CBS' website between now and Tuesday night.

CBS will air a Big Brother clip show on Sunday at 8PM ET/PT before the live two-hour finale airs on Tuesday at 9PM ET/PT -- with the winner receiving the $500,000 grand prize.
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