Big Brother live feeds spoilers have revealed which houseguest won this week's Power of Veto competition -- as well as which houseguests ended up being this week's final eviction nominees as a result.

[Spoiler Warning: Please stop reading now if you want to wait until Big Brother's August 23 broadcast on CBS to discover who won the Power of Veto competition and what happened afterwards].

According to Big Brother's live feeds, the two eviction nominees, Matt Clines and Jason Dent, played in the Power of Veto competition this week along with randomly-selected players Mark Jansen and Paul Abrahamian.

This week's Head of Household, Christmas Abbott, picked the "Houseguest's Choice" coin, so she opted to have Raven Walton participate, which surprised some of her allies.

Christmas was supposed to play in the PoV competition; however, doctors did not clear her to compete due to her leg surgery. There was also one more player -- the famous Zingbot.

Christmas had previously nominated Jason and Matt for eviction with Mark as her backdoor target.

Christmas told Jason and Matt that they were simply her pawns and they were both going to be safe. But if Mark won the Power of Veto competition, Christmas planned to take out Jason in order to break up his power couple with Alex Ow.

If Mark won the veto, his victory would therefore ruin Christmas' plans.

Mark put up a big fight in the Power of Veto competition, but in the end, Jason won the power. 

Since Jason won the veto, the house anticipated he would take himself down off the chopping block.

Mark, however, talked to Christmas and her closest ally Josh Martinez about how he could be a number for them going forward if they decided to save him from eviction.

Mark reminded Christmas and Josh that Jason and Alex are a power couple while Raven and Matt are a tight showmance -- two dangerous pairs.

Christmas was considering Mark's argument, especially since the bodybuilder mentioned how strong of a competitor Alex happens to be. Mark also noted that Alex has a lot of pull with Jason and Paul.

Christmas wavered a bit in her decision, but she ultimately informed Mark that -- although she liked him -- he remained her target because of his longtime association with Cody Nickson. The HoH felt like her back was against the wall and if she kept Mark safe, the house would be disappointed and angry with her.

At the Veto Meeting, Jason -- as expected -- decided to use the power of veto to save himself and take himself off the chopping block.

Christmas then named Mark the replacement nominee, telling him that it's nothing personal.

This means that Mark and Matt are the final and official eviction nominees heading into this week's live eviction broadcast.