Bachelor in Paradise bachelors Alex Woytkiw, Nick Benvenutti, Vinny Ventiera and Ignacio "Iggy" Rodriguez were sent home without roses, while Danielle Lombard's arrival stirred the pot during Monday night's broadcast of Season 4 on ABC.

The Bachelor in Paradise episode kicked off with Lacey Mark complaining about how all the guys were just in Mexico to hang out with their "bros" and have fun.

The ladies were let down at this point in the process because -- besides a couple of relationships -- they weren't genuinely connecting with anyone when they were all in search for love.

Dean Unglert, for example, had taken a step back from his romance with Kristina Schulman since things were moving really fast.

And that's when Adam Gottschalk arrived at Playa Escondida with a Date Card. Iggy called him "an amazing person," and Jasmine Goode thought he was "sweet and hot," a guy she would typically date. Kristina was also interested in getting to know him better because he was handsome and she had heard he's a lot of fun.

After talking to most of the women in Paradise and learning Taylor Nolan and Jasmine good were really the only "taken" girls, Adam determined he was most interested in taking Kristina or Raven Gates out on a date, which worried Ben Zorn since he was "really into" Raven.

Robby Hayes was also competing for Raven's affection and beginning to worry he may not receive her rose at the upcoming Rose Ceremony.

Raven and Adam actually met in Dallas, TX, during their two-week hiatus from filming, so Raven already knew she liked him.

Adam also believed Raven has an awesome personality and is a "dope" girl. Adam's gut told him to choose Kristina, but his head told him to pick Raven. With that being said, Adam asked Raven to accompany him on what turned out to be a lunch and salsa-dancing date.

Meanwhile, Alex said he was in "survival mode" because the woman he was interested in dating, Amanda Stanton, was acting very standoffish towards him.

Kristina was also disappointed because Dean was acting "weird and distant," and he was not communicating with her.

Kristina told Kenneth "Diggy" Moreland that Dean often shut down, and when things weren't good between them, they were both very proud and stubborn. Kristina wanted to know where Dean stood with her so that she could stop guessing.

Jack Stone told the cameras that Dean is great for a woman if she's "in middle school," not if she's "an adult with a job." It seemed like Kristina was starting to see that, as she was growing more and more frustrated trying to force Dean to open up.

Adam and Raven then went out on their date, and Ben said that worst case scenario, she'd have a wonderful time.

Raven and Adam went to lunch, and when she was asked about her dating history in Paradise so far, she said Ben was a sweet and good guy, while Robby was just whom she had expected him to be -- which clearly wasn't a compliment.

Raven had a lot of fun with Adam, and they agreed that they both needed a strong and blunt partner. Raven and Adam enjoyed being challenged by a significant other, and they both wanted someone who wouldn't be offended upon hearing the truth. The pair seemed to have a lot in common.

It then became time for the cocktail party preceding the season's first Rose Ceremony. There were 12 guys and only eight women, so four men would be going home.

Vinny was disappointed because Corinne Olympios had promised him her rose, but she was no longer around. The guys who weren't in relationships knew they had a lot of work to do in order to secure a rose.

Jack hoped to receive Alexis Waters' rose since she's a well-rounded and beautiful woman, and the couple agreed it would be tough to watch Ben go home since he's such a great guy.

Meanwhile, Adam said he took a risk by asking Raven out because he could've taken out a girl who wasn't highly sought after, which probably would have solidified himself a rose. Raven thought Adam was charismatic and fun, but she wasn't mentally prepared to choose between him and Ben.

As for Robby, he made a move on Amanda. He told the cameras that he found Amanda very attractive but that her ex-fiance happens to be a good buddy of his back home. Robby pointed out to Amanda that "anonymous" -- all signs pointing to Josh Murray -- would "be pissed" if he dated her, but Robby said the guy "lost his chance."

Robby then asked Amanda for a kiss, but she wasn't ready to take that next step with anyone. Amanda explained the moment must be right, and Robby said it might've been dumb for him to pursue "Miss Popular" in Paradise.

At the Rose Ceremony, the women had the power to hand out roses, so the men's fate was in their hands.

Taylor gave her rose to Derek Peth, Jasmine gave her rose to Matt Munson -- who was thrilled to see where things were going to go between Jasmine and himself -- Raven gave her rose to Adam, Alexis gave her rose to Jack, and then Lacey gave her rose to Diggy because she thought he was one of the only sincere men left to choose from.

Danielle Maltby then offered her rose to Ben because she believed he's "a super awesome human" who deserved to be there and potentially find a quality partner. Kristina then gave her rose to Dean, followed by Amanda giving her rose to Robby.

"This was a pretty disappointing experience for me," Alex said in a confessional. "I didn't come back to Paradise thinking I'd be going home so soon."

And Nick called himself "so naive" because he was vulnerable the whole time with women but got nothing in return. Iggy and Vinny were also upset about their Paradise exits.

The next day, Kristina was ready to start fresh with Dean, but that's when Danielle L. arrived, whom the bachelors and bachelorettes called "DLo."

The men were absolutely taken with DLo's beauty, as Adam confessed to the cameras, "Holy f-ck, she is fine like a glass of wine. Damn!"

Dean then gushed to the cameras, "On a scale from 1-physically attracted, I'll take physically attracted for 500 please."

Ben was also infatuated with DLo's looks, and Derek even joked he'd leave his relationship with Taylor for her. Ben really wanted to go on DLo's date since she had a Date Card and he knew she was a hot commodity.

After getting to know a few of the guys, DLo asked Dean out, and Kristina admitted she was "pretty pissed off about it." Alexis said it was "too soon" for Dean to pursue another woman, and she called him "a dick."

Before Dean left on the date, he checked in with Kristina, knowing she was unhappy about his decision. Dean insisted he was looking forward to returning to the resort to hang out with her after the date, and so Kristina put on a brave face.

However, the bachelorette wasn't sure she'd be there emotionally when he came back from his date with DLo.

DLo was one of the few women Dean was actually familiar with coming into Paradise because he thought she was beautiful. He barely watched Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor, but he somehow found out about her.

DLo was definitely Dean's "type," so he just wanted to see if the pair had more than just a physical attraction and connection. For all Dean knew, he could end up falling in love with her, and he was open to that idea.

For their date, the couple rode around on an ATV. DLo insisted she drive, so Dean thought that was a "badass" move, and he appreciated the fact that she was willing to get dirty. Dean was impressed with DLo and the pair had a blast on the date. They also had great conversation and sealed the deal with a kiss.

Meanwhile, Kristina vented to Danielle back at the resort how she had been put second in her past relationships and she didn't want to be put in that place again.

Kristina didn't want a man to make a fool of her, but she was still invested in Dean and what their relationship could become. Kristina said Dean's words simply didn't match his actions and he needed to figure out what he wanted.

Once Dean and DLo returned from their date, Kristina vented to the cameras about how DLo knew Dean had visited her in Kentucky when production temporarily shut down. Kristina therefore didn't think it was cool how DLo was "flaunting" her attraction to Dean in front of her.

Dean did feel bad about Kristina, and Matt assumed that the bachelor was just getting cold feet. Matt thought that Kristina and Dean would be good for each other and were a better match than Dean and DLo, but it was obviously a decision Dean had to make for himself.

Dean explained how Kristina let her emotions get the best of her sometimes. In attempt to fix things between them, Dean opened up to her about his date with DLo, revealing they had a good time and shared "a little peck" but that the date was not romantic.

Kristina appreciated the fact Dean pulled her aside to talk about things, and the couple promised to be open and honest with each other going forward.

Kristina trusted Dean and the feelings he had for her, so she wasn't ready to give up on what they had just yet -- although she still had some worries about him. Dean said he looked forward to having more fun with Kristina.

The group later had a bonfire on the beach, and Dean and Kristina were snuggling and having a great time together.

Kristina finally felt her relationship with Dean was moving in a "good direction," but then Dean shocked the whole group by bringing DLo a birthday cake for her "half birthday." DLo turned 28-and-a-half, and everyone couldn't believe how Dean did that right in front of Kristina.

Alexis noted that Dean was "playing games" and she wanted to "smack" the "flip-flopper" in the face. Kristina was so hurt by Dean's display that she had to leave the fire.

As Dean got DLo and himself birthday shots at the bar, Kristina walked down the beach alone and began bawling her eyes out. Kristina felt hurt and disrespected, and so she was ready to shut down emotionally.

"This is so f-cked up in every way," Kristina cried in bed.  
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