One week after American television viewers voted Kaysar Ridha back into the Big Brother 6 house, his fellow houseguests voted the 25-year-old graphic designer out of the house for a second time during last night's live broadcast of the CBS reality series.

Kaysar had been nominated for eviction by Jennifer Vasquez, Big Brother 6's sixth Head of Household. As last week's final two Head of Household competitors, Kaysar and Jennifer had agreed to a deal in which Kaysar would let Jennifer win the competition in return for Jennifer promising to carry out a "backdoor" eviction of James Rhine, the houseguest deemed untrustworthy by both of the house's competing factions.

Jennifer promised to use two members of her own "Friendship" alliance as the week's initial "pawn" nominees, however after becoming HoH she instead nominated Janelle Pierzina and Rachel Plencner (two members of Kaysar's own "Sovereign" alliance") for eviction. Then, after Rachel won the Power of Veto competition and took herself off the chopping block, Jennifer shocked Kaysar and his "Sovereign" allies by instead nominating him to take Rachel's place. With his fate sealed, Kaysar was evicted from the Big Brother 6 house via an unanimous 7-0 vote

After Kaysar's eviction, houseguests participated in the "Face the Facts" competition that determined Big Brother 6's next Head of Household. After a potentially controversial tiebreaking question in which Janelle appeared to initially display an answer that she later changed, Janelle was crowned Big Brother 6's seventh Head of Household.

Following her win, Big Brother host Julie Chen immediately called Janelle into the house's private diary room and informed her that as part of the season's latest surprise twist, she would have to immediately nominate two houseguests for eviction. After a few minutes of private thought, Janelle was called back into the living room and, once Julie informed the other houseguests of the twist, nominated Jennifer and Maggie -- the two former HoH's who were responsible for Kaysar's two evictions -- live on air.

CBS will broadcast this week's second eviction as part Big Brother 6's broadcast on Saturday, August 20. After their eviction, the surprise second evictee will become the first member of the Big Brother 6 jury.