Big Brother 6 wound down to its final two contestants during Friday night's penultimate episode, with final Head Of Household Ivette Corredero deciding to evict Janelle Pierzina and select Maggie Ausburn as her Final 2 partner

CBS' special Friday night Big Brother 6 broadcast picked up where Thursday night's live broadcast had ended -- with Janelle, Ivette, and Maggie competing in "Key To Being Safe," part one of the special three-part final Head Of Household competition that would give its winner the opportunity to determine which other houseguest would accompany them to the Final 2 jury judgment.

An endurance challenge, the competition required each of the women to hold their keys (tied to a nearby pole) while standing a spinning "dial" platform. After nearly four hours, Janelle was the first woman to fall off the platform and exit the challenge. Although Janelle was no longer in the running, "Friendship" allies Ivette and Maggie were unable to agree as to which of them would voluntarily leave the challenge, resulting in the competition continuing. Finally, after more than a half-hour of listening to Ivette assure her that she had nothing to lose by quitting, Maggie accidently fell off the platform (a move Ivette felt was intentional), ending the competition.

With Ivette having already ensured her place in the final Head of Household competition's third round, Maggie and Janelle faced off in the competition's second round. A trivia challenge, the competition required the two women to select the correct numerical answers to eight clues. Each number would determine one part of the combination to a giant eight-digit combination padlock. The padlock would only unlock when all eight digits were set correctly and the first woman to open her padlock would join Ivette in the third part of Big Brother 6's three-part final Head of Household challenge.

While both women struggled a bit in the surprisingly tiring challenge, Janelle eventually obtained the correct combination, landing her the right to face Ivette in the final part of the HoH competition.

Big Brother 6 host Julie Chen conducted the third part of the final HoH challenge, a multiple choice quiz challenge in which Ivette and Janelle had to attempt to determine how each existing Big Brother 6 jury member had ended a statement that they had made while sequestered in the jury house. Each correct "ending" would earn the women a point, and whoever had the most points at the end of the six statements would become the final HoH.

Although Ivette jumped out to a a 2-0 lead, Janelle rallied during the challenge's final two questions, knotting the score at 2-2 and forcing a tiebreaker. After the first tiebreaker (how many eviction votes had been cast all season) ended in another tie, the competition went to a second tiebreaker -- how many total hours had the houseguests been living in the Big Brother 6 house?

Although both women went over the actual figure (1,797 hours) with their answers, Ivette was closer to the actual number (1,875 to Janelle's 1,900) making her Big Brother 6's final Head of Household.

Forced to immediately cast her eviction vote, Ivette evicted Janelle, the final member of the "Sovereign" alliance that had spent all summer battling against Maggie and Ivette's "Friendship" group.

Big Brother 6 will determine the winner of its $500,000 grand prize during Tuesday's live finale broadcast, during which Janelle and fellow jury members April Lewis, Howie Gordon, Beau Beasley, James Rhine, Jennifer Vasquez, and Rachel Plencner will crown either Ivette or Maggie as the show's winner.