Forced to vote out one of their own, Big Brother 6's "Friendship" alliance cannibalized itself during last night's live broadcast of the CBS reality series, evicting April Lewis, a 30-year-old pharmaceutical sales representative from Dallas, TX, from the Big Brother house.

Despite being outnumbered 2 to 1 in last week's twelfth Head Of Household competition, Janelle Pierzina (the last remaining "Sovereign Six" alliance member) had easily defeated April and Maggie Ausburn in the challenge, guaranteeing herself a spot in Big Brother 6's Final 3 and ensuring that one of "Friendship" members April, Maggie, or Ivette Corredero would be the next houseguest to be evicted.

After her Head Of Household victory, Janelle had nominated Maggie and Ivette for eviction. However, once Ivette won the resulting Power Of Veto competition and (following an exuberate celebration that offended Maggie and April) removed herself from the chopping block, Janelle, forced to select another houseguest, had nominated April for eviction.

Once April had been nominated in Ivette's place, the former allies engaged in a verbal argument that strategically, made little sense for either of them. Sensing that her time in the house was coming to an end and apparently deciding to go down in flames, April told Ivette -- the houseguest who would cast the sole vote that would determine who would stay in the house -- that, in retrospect, she was now "ashamed" of many of her house actions and blamed Ivette for "a lot" of her game decisions.

Always a hothead, Ivette responded in an equally perplexing manner, launching into a tirade against April, the woman who, should Ivette manage to get to the Final 2, will be one of the seven jury members to determine whether Ivette wins the $500,000 grand prize.

Ivette's declaration that "April and I will not be friends outside this house" eliminated what little suspense remained in the live eviction broadcast, and after Ivette predictably announced that she was voting to evict April, the blonde Texan left the house. As Big Brother 6's sixth jury member, April will now join Howie Gordon, Beau Beasley, James Rhine, Jennifer Vasquez, and Rachel Plencner as a member of the jury that will decide which one of the competition's two finalists will win its grand prize. Big Brother 6's finale will air live on Tuesday, September 20.

Once April was gone from the house, the three remaining houseguests began competing in Big Brother 6's three-part final Head Of Household competition that will give its winner the opportunity to determine which other houseguest will accompany them to the Final 2 jury judgment. Dubbed "Key To Being Safe," the first part of the competition was an endurance challenge that required each of the women to hold their keys (tied to a nearby pole) while standing a spinning "dial" platform. The winner of the competition will be revealed during Big Brother 6's special Friday, September 16 at 8PM ET/PT broadcast.