Maggie Ausburn was crowned Big Brother 6's winner during last night's live finale of the CBS summer reality series, defeating Ivette Corredero in a tight 4-3 jury vote.

As Big Brother 6's winner, Maggie, a 27-year-old emergency room nurse from Las Vegas, NV, received the show's $500,000 grand prize. Ivette, a 25-year-old waitress from Miami Beach, FL, received $50,000 for finishing as the competition's runner-up.

Both Maggie and Ivette had been members of the "Friendship," a group of houseguests who had spent the summer battling against the "Sovereign Six," Big Brother 6's other dominant alliance. Although their numerical advantage should have allowed them to triumph over the five-member "Friendship" group, the "Sovereign" alliance proved unable to hold itself together. Undone by a pair of poor decisions in which "Sovereign" members Howie Gordon and Kaysar Ridha decided to trust the promises of the desperate "Friendship" group, the alliance eventually crumbled, leaving Janelle Pierzina (the show's third place finisher) as the sole "Sovereign" member of Big Brother 6's Final 4 houseguests.

Maggie received votes from "Friendship" members April Lewis and Jennifer Vasquez (April's original "secret partner") and "Sovereign" members Howie and Rachel Plencner (Howie's original "secret partner"). Ivette received votes from Janelle, Beau Beasley (Ivette's original "secret partner"), and James Rhine.

As Big Brother 6's final Head Of Household, Ivette had received the right to determine whether Maggie or Janelle would join her as the show's other finalist.