Beauty and the Geek co-executive producer Jason Goldberg promised "big-time, unbelievable hookups"  before the show's third season premiered early this month -- and now it looks like the show's cast will deliver.

Nate Dern, a 22-year-old Harvard University student from Evergreen, CO and Jennylee Berns, a 22-year-old model and Ultimate Fighting Championship ring girl from Sherman Oaks, CA, reportedly lock lips during an upcoming episode of The CW series, according to the January 29 issue of TV Guide.

"I expected to meet socially inept virgin geniuses," Jennylee told TV Guide.  "But Nate was different.  He's cool.  He has a sense of style.  And he's in a band, which is hot."

Up until last week's makeovers, Nate's "sense of style" included a trucker hat, glasses, a scruffy beard and long unkempt hair.  And while he is the lead singer of So Long Princess,  it is a "Star Wars music band," making its hotness at least somewhat debatable.  Despite all that, Nate describes the budding romance as "extreme, intense like."

"A lot of the girls saw our glasses and our hair and tried to change us," Nate told TV Guide.  "But Jennylee accepted my style and me."

While the duo are competing against each other on Beauty and the Geek 3 for a $250,000 prize, production of the series ended seven months ago, so there's theoretically nothing keeping them apart -- except for distance.  Nate currently lives in Boston, MA and will graduate from Harvard in June, while Jennylee frequents both Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV.

"We talk on the phone a lot," Jennylee told TV Guide.  "I still get giddy when I talk to him."

Beauty and the Geek 3 will continue this Wednesday, January 24 at 8PM ET/PT on The CW.