Bachelor in Paradise bachelor Michael Allio has revealed what he would have done differently with Sierra Jackson if he could go back in time.

Sierra repeatedly took jabs and threw shade at Michael on social media once he began dating Danielle Maltby on Bachelor in Paradise's eighth season.


Sierra questioned Michael and Danielle's "history" and called the start of their pre-Rose Ceremony relationship "convenient." Sierra also said she felt "disrespected" by Michael and claimed to have "receipts" proving that the single father led her on, even after he dumped her.

"What I tried to do with Sierra was let her know the second I realized that it wasn't there -- at a time when she had the rose where she could make a decision. I would do that all over again," Michael, 38, told Us Weekly on its "Here for the Right Reasons" following Bachelor in Paradise's November 22 reunion show.

When Michael broke up with Sierra, he admitted that something was "missing" between them. But he mainly leaned on the trauma of his past as the reason why he wasn't ready to move forward and have a future with Sierra.

Michael told Sierra at the time he was guarded and still grieving the loss of his wife, Laura Ritter-Allio, to breast cancer in 2019.

According to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone, Sierra said at the November 4 reunion taping Michael had kissed her three times after breaking up with her. Sierra also reportedly said she wished Michael had been more straightforward with her about his feelings instead of trying to let her down gently and excusing his behavior.

And Michael apparently agrees with her.

"Where I really tripped up was not being able to explain myself in a way that she deserved, you know, letting her know more so that she just wasn't the right person for me," Michael explained to Us.

"And I should have ended it really like that. And so, for that, I apologize and I apologized to her at the reunion for that."

Michael said he wishes Sierra "the best," even though she's been lashing out at him on social media for well over a month now.

"I know she'll find love," Michael noted. "She's a great person and we're really just focused on ourselves now."


On November 7, Sierra tweeted that she was resting "in peace" knowing she had "receipts" that could prove her allegations about Michael. Instead of blowing up Michael's spot, she said she was "letting things be."

She wrote on Twitter at the time, "Proud of myself for letting things be when I definitely didn't have to. Bless the haters of #BachelorNation."

Sierra then told Us, "I think, at the end of the day, I still took the high road and I still am treating him with respect even with the shade. And that says something."

Sierra also recently slammed Danielle for talking trash about her on the "Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe" podcast.

"For clarity, Im over Michael & have been. This is why I dont understand why Im a point of topic for them. Those who keep saying 'get over it'... Its comical bc Im in a relationship," Sierra wrote on November 18.

"But damn near 40 & hating on a 27 yr old that also had your man? Good bye. My feelings are valid."

After Sierra self-eliminated from Bachelor in Paradise with a broken heart, the show welcomed Danielle into the cast just in time to save Michael from a Rose Ceremony elimination, and then Michael and Danielle immediately hit it off and proceeded to date in Paradise.

Sierra therefore accused Michael of using and dating her as a means to "kill time" while he allegedly waited for Danielle's arrival on the beach in Mexico.

"I just obviously wish it was handled differently. I wish that he handled it a lot more respectively and more maturely than had happened," Sierra told Us, although she said she wanted Michael's love story to have a happy ending.

When Danielle -- who lost her fiance Nick Haag to a drug overdose in 2011 -- stepped foot on the Paradise beach, Michael seemed ecstatic and affectionately called her "Dani." They had spoken via DMs on Instagram prior to filming the show but claimed they had never met in person.


Back on October 22, Michael addressed criticism from Sierra and "conspiracy theories" about how his relationship with Danielle came about on TikTok.

A fan speculated how producers were likely hoping Michael would accept Sierra's rose and then Danielle would be introduced to the men at the Paradise resort as part of "The Split" twist.

Michael wrote in response to that theory, "Taking a rose when [your] heart's not in it is 'leading someone on.'"

The fan guessed that Michael's decision to dump Sierra right before a Rose Ceremony probably threw a wrench into producers' plans and so they sent Danielle to the beach with minutes left to spare before the women handed out roses.

"Choosing to end my only relationship when I was gifted a constellation and didn't have a rose was not a 'good look' but I knew that," Michael acknowledged.

Michael later claimed in his TikTok video that he did not know Danielle, a Nashville-based neonatal nurse and model, was coming on the show, refuting allegations against him that he had been waiting for Danielle's arrival and using Sierra as a placeholder.

"No one on the beach knows who is coming down... [well] at least I didn't," Michael insisted.

The fan added how, if Michael truly knew Danielle was coming to Paradise soon, he probably wouldn't have risked his elimination by breaking up with Sierra before the Rose Ceremony.

"Not a smart idea," Michael agreed. "I still should [have] handled the breakup better, that's on me."

Amid the scrutiny Michael has been dealing with, Bachelor in Paradise couple Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon recently stood up for him and defended his Paradise romance with Danielle.

After Sierra's exit aired on Bachelor in Paradise, she opened up about her self-elimination and getting dumped by Michael in a lengthy Instagram Stories posting, which she had uploaded before Danielle joined the cast and before she began throwing shade at Michael.

On Bachelor in Paradise's reunion show, Michael announced that he's "in love" with Danielle and she has changed his life for the better. He shared how his son James loves Danielle and they get along fabulously.

Danielle revealed she plans to move to Akron, OH, soon to be with Michael and James, although she won't be living with them under the same roof.

Danielle and Michael agreed on the "Here for the Right Reasons" podcast they're just looking forward to the small "mundane" things when it comes to living near each other -- including going on dates, making dinner together, and hanging out with James.


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