Bachelor in Paradise bachelorette Sierra Jackson has claimed she has "receipts" that prove new allegations she made against her former love interest Michael Allio while filming Season 8's upcoming reunion special.

Bachelor in Paradise's reunion special for Season 8 taped on November 4 and will air on ABC later this month, and spoilers have leaked out about the drama that unfolded, including a confrontation between Sierra and Michael.


"At the end of the day some rest in peace when they know they have receipts. Can't wait for this reunion. Lol," Sierra tweeted on November 7.

Sierra then replied to her own tweet and wrote, "Proud of myself for letting things be when I definitely didn't have to. Bless the haters of #BachelorNation."

According to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone, Sierra claimed at the reunion taping that Michael had essentially led her on even after he ended their relationship.

"[Sierra] said Michael kissed her 3 times after they broke up and was under the impression there was still a chance," Carbone tweeted on November 5. "Michael denied doing that."

After Sierra self-eliminated from Bachelor in Paradise with a broken heart, the show welcomed Danielle Maltby into the cast, and Michael and Danielle immediately hit it off and proceeded to date in Paradise. (Michael and Danielle are still dating on the show, as it continues to air Monday and Tuesday nights at 8PM ET/PT on ABC).

Carbone did not report any of these alleged "receipts" in his reunion spoilers, and based on Sierra's tweet about "letting things be," it appears she opted to keep the "receipts" to herself and didn't share them while filming the Bachelor in Paradise reunion.

But Sierra allegedly told Michael at the reunion that she wished he had been more straightforward with her prior to their breakup on the show.

Sierra allegedly wanted Michael to admit that he wasn't feeling it with her -- and it wasn't about him being guarded or not ready to find love again after the death of his wife, Laura Ritter-Allio, who passed away from breast cancer in 2019.

Sierra tweeting about Michael is not a new development; she's been throwing shade at the 38-year-old single father for about a month now.


Last month, Sierra expressed how she felt "disrespected" by Michael's actions and how his "convenient" romance with Danielle has been playing out on Bachelor in Paradise's eighth season.

Sierra also took to Instagram with a video, writing, "I hadn't thrown shade before... but THIS is me throwing it."

Sierra added a devil emoji to her post and continued, "Forward & onward now -- Just wanted to get it out of my system & remind y'all I'm sweet, sour, far from perfect, and keep it real #bachelorinparadise #bachelornation #truth #hurts."

In the video, Sierra appeared to mock Michael, who was with his wife Laura for 16 years before she died in 2019, by quoting three things he had said on Bachelor in Paradise.

"'Something's missing,' [and], 'She's moving too fast,'" Sierra wrote, adding, "'I'm not sure I'm ready.'"

Sierra then wrote what she thought Michael was actually thinking when he dumped her.

"'I never actually saw anything with you but needed to kill time,'" Sierra concluded.

One critic wrote to Sierra last month, "You have to explore something to see if there's a connection and for him -- something was missing. I don't think he used you. I don't think he played you. I think he's healing and trying to figure it all out and at the end of the day, you weren't his person. Why be bitter and throw shade at him?"

And Sierra responded, "I walked away at the time with that mindset. But watching back and seeing the story aside from what I experienced... I wish that were the case my friend."

Michael addressed Sierra's criticism and "conspiracy theories" circulating in Bachelor Nation via TikTok on October 22.

First of all, Michael claimed his breakup with Sierra prior to the second Rose Ceremony of the season was "a surprise for many."


A fan speculated how producers were likely hoping Michael would accept Sierra's rose and then Danielle would be introduced to the men at the Paradise resort as part of "The Split" twist.

Michael wrote in response to that theory, "Taking a rose when [your] heart's not in it is 'leading someone on.'"

The fan guessed that Michael's decision to dump Sierra before the Rose Ceremony probably threw a wrench into producers' plans and so they sent Danielle to the beach with minutes left to spare before the women handed out roses.

"Choosing to end my only relationship when I was gifted a constellation and didn't have a rose was not a 'good look' but I knew that," Michael acknowledged.

Michael later noted in his TikTok video that he did not know Danielle, a model and former Nashville-based neonatal nurse, was coming on the show, refuting allegations against him that he had been waiting for Danielle's arrival and using Sierra as a placeholder.

"No one on the beach knows who is coming down... [well] at least I didn't," Michael insisted.

The fan added how, if Michael truly knew Danielle was coming to Paradise soon, he probably wouldn't have risked his elimination by breaking up with Sierra before the Rose Ceremony.

"Not a smart idea," Michael agreed. "I still should [have] handled the breakup better, that's on me."

Michael and Sierra made an early connection on Bachelor in Paradise, but Michael eventually determined something was missing between them and his grief was preventing him from letting his walls down and truly investing himself in the relationship.

Sierra chose to quit the show after Michael dumped her, and Michael was left worrying he may not receive a rose at the season's second Rose Ceremony given none of the other women in Paradise at the moment seemed to be interested in him.

However, Bachelor in Paradise bartender Wells Adams and the show's producers appeared to orchestrate Danielle's entrance just in time to save Michael, who seemed overjoyed and ecstatic about Danielle's arrival.

When Danielle stepped foot on the beach, Michael affectionately called her "Dani" and revealed they had spoken via DMs on Instagram prior to filming the show, which also prompted Sierra to question the pair's "little bit of history" in a Twitter post last month.

But Michael and Danielle -- who lost her fiance Nick Haag to a drug overdose in 2011 -- claimed they were only friends and had never met in person before.

The day after Danielle's arrival, she and Michael went on a date in Paradise, and they've been together on the show ever since.

Amid the scrutiny Michael has been dealing with, Bachelor in Paradise couple Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon recently stood up for him and defended his Paradise romance with Danielle.

After Sierra's exit aired on Bachelor in Paradise, she opened up about her self-elimination and getting dumped by Michael in a lengthy Instagram Stories posting, which she had uploaded before Danielle joined the cast and before she began throwing shade at Michael.


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