Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have revealed the identities of two couples who stayed together until the end of filming and whether fan-favorites Rachel Recchia and Blake Moynes ended up with Sean McLaughlin and Jess Girod, respectively.

Bachelor in Paradise's ninth season premiered on September 28, and its next episode will air on Thursday, October 12 at 9PM ET/PT on ABC.

[Spoiler Warning: This report contains spoilers revealing which bachelors and bachelorettes found lasting love on Bachelor in Paradise, including Rachel Recchia and Blake Moynes].

Bachelor in Paradise viewers just watched the first Rose Ceremony of Season 9 unfold.


While Brooklyn Willie, Cat Carter and Greer Blitzer left Paradise without a connection, many bachelors and bachelorettes were already coupled up.

Brayden Bowers gave his rose to Kat Izzo, Blake offered his rose to Jess, and Aaron Bryant handed his rose to Eliza Isichei.

"I'm thinking he could be the guy for me," Eliza shyly said in a confessional.

Will sparked a new romance with Mercedes Northup after getting dumped by Kylee Russell, Sean gave his rose to Rachel, Aven Jones offered his rose to Kylee, and Aaron Schwartzman said he wanted to continue dating Samantha "Sam" Jeffries.

Peter Cappio was the wild card since he hadn't developed a strong connection in Paradise, and so he opted to give his rose to Olivia Lewis so she could stick around and hopefully find the right man for her.

Based on a preview of the next episode, Tyler Norris walks down the steps into Paradise, and both Mercedes and Kylee call him "cute." Tyler, however, asks to speak with his The Bachelorette ex, Rachel, right away.

And then one of Kat's romantic interests, Tanner Courtad, joins the cast and asks her out on a date, which she accepts.

"It feels like I got played hardcore... I feel cheap. I feel like a dirty wh-re," Brayden admits.

"I am not trying to betray you. I've been nothing but honest," Kat tells Brayden, before venting about his "immature bullsh-t" to the cameras.

Bachelor in Paradise viewers are also expecting former The Bachelorette star Katie Thurston to arrive.

"So I went in with this like mentality of like, 'I'm about to be so welcomed.' When I walked down, obviously the first person I look for is Blake, and he's looking at me like he saw a ghost," Katie said on "The Ben and Ashley I: Almost Famous Podcast" of her The Bachelorette 17 winner and ex-fiance.

Katie added, "It feels like five minutes of nobody saying anything, no one's getting up. Like, I feel so uncomfortable."

Many twists and turns are expected on Bachelor in Paradise this season.

Bachelor in Paradise host Jesse Palmer recently teased to Entertainment Tonight how "something really special and unique" happens.

Jesse may have been teasing a couple getting married on Bachelor in Paradise, as a trailer appears to show Jesse officiating a wedding in Mexico.

While it remains to be seen who will tie the knot, Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone recently reported all of the spoilers he'd gathered for Bachelor in Paradise so far.

On July 17, Carbone reported that Kat Izzo and Eliza Isichei both survived the process all the way to the end of filming.


The Bachelor in Paradise trailer shows Eliza -- who also appeared on Bachelor in Paradise's eighth season last summer -- and Aaron Bryant eventually falling for each other in Paradise.

And it just so happens that Carbone reported Aaron B. had also made it to the final days of filming.

In addition, John Henry Spurlock reportedly advanced from one Rose Ceremony to the next and found someone to date until the end of Paradise.

Carbone therefore believes Eliza and Aaron B. were a couple in Paradise and that Kat and John Henry were also an item on Bachelor in Paradise.

The spoiler blogger also heard earlier this summer that both pairs are currently still together and dating.

As far as the alleged evidence goes, a couple of days before Bachelor in Paradise wrapped filming on Season 9, a patron had sent Carbone a photo of what appeared to be a whiteboard used by the show's production team.

Carbone tweeted in July that the patron was "walking by an office at the Vidanta Resort" in Mexico and spotted the whiteboard, snapping a photo.

The whiteboard read, "Girls Schedules," and Kat and Eliza's names -- as well as their "pick up" times -- were visibly written on it.

And according to Carbone, John Henry and Aaron B.'s names were also listed on the whiteboard.

Carbone said he ultimately received "confirmation" that Kat was with John Henry and that Eliza was with Aaron B.

Carbone proceeded to tweet, "(SPOILER): Kat and John Henry are absolutely together, and I'm pretty sure they got engaged at the end of BIP filming."

Carbone also posted a video of Kat and John Henry sitting at a table together -- with a male friend -- outside at Rudee's restaurant in Virginia Beach on July 8.

"Onlookers said they were holding hands and were an obvious couple," Carbone claimed.

And there may have been an engagement on Bachelor in Paradise's ninth season!

Carbone said in July that he was "99 percent sure" Kat and John Henry are engaged, even though he was unable to provide any additional support for the claim.

And then Carbone unveiled his spoilers about Eliza and Aaron B.'s current relationship status.

In a separate video, Eliza and Aaron B. are caught sitting across from each other in a hotel lobby.

"(SPOILER): This was taken a few days after filming ended in the Vidanta lobby & posted on an IG story that was sent to me. This is Eliza and Aaron B.," Carbone wrote on Twitter.

"I don't know if they're engaged, and Eliza has been back in Germany since filming. But clearly they ended the show together."


Eliza and Aaron B.'s future, however, remains up in the air since Aaron B. has recently been spotted in San Diego and Eliza headed back to a whole different country post-show, Germany.

"So in terms of the status of their relationship now? Not sure," Carbone wrote in a blog posting that followed his tweets.

"They clearly left the show together as a couple based on that video. But it would seem weird to head back to Germany if you left Paradise engaged. But we've seen crazier things, so hopefully I'll get more clarity on that going forward."

Going back to their original shows, Charity Lawson ousted John Henry on her The Bachelorette season, but Aaron B. wasn't eliminated until Fiji on Charity's season.

Aaron B. was part of the Final 3 Rose Ceremony, but Charity chose to advance Joey Graziadei and Dotun Olubeko instead.

Eliza initially competed on Clayton Echard's season of The Bachelor, and Kat found fame on Zach Shallcross' The Bachelor season.

Many fans are also probably wondering what happened to Rachel and Blake in Paradise.

According to Carbone, they both self-eliminated from Bachelor in Paradise at some point and both returned home single.

Rachel -- who is shown kissing her Week 2 The Bachelorette eliminee, Jordan Vandergriff, in the Bachelor in Paradise trailer -- was reportedly involved with Tanner Courtad from Charity's The Bachelorette season.

"But ultimately, [she] self-eliminated. She wasn't eliminated at a Rose Ceremony," Carbone claimed in his blog.

And Blake reportedly continued to date Jess from Zach's The Bachelor season in Mexico.

"But same as Rachel, at some point, [he] self-eliminated," Carbone wrote in his spoilers. "He wasn't eliminated at a Rose Ceremony."

Rachel, however, recently teased that she had a "very real" time on Bachelor in Paradise.

Rachel starred on The Bachelorette's nineteenth season after failing to win Clayton's heart on The Bachelor, and Blake won Katie's heart on The Bachelorette but they split a couple of months after their engagement aired.

Carbone also reported that Aven Jones from Rachel and Gabby Windey's The Bachelorette season coupled up early into the Bachelor in Paradise process with Kylee from Zach's season.

"But I haven't heard anything about them since that point," Carbone revealed. "They were definitely partying in the same group together on a boat in San Diego post-filming, but that's all I've seen or heard since filming ended."

Just like in Bachelor in Paradise seasons past, many more bachelors and bachelorettes will arrive throughout the season.

According to Carbone, Nate Mitchell will join the cast at some point.

"Last year, I sort of went in with maybe some personal preconceived notions of what might happen and who might end up being together, and everything got turned on its head completely," Jesse admitted to ET in September.

"And that's probably going to happen again, this season, as well. I think we have an amazing cast."


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