Bachelor Nation's Brayden Bowers and Christina Mandrell have hinted that at least one of Bachelor in Paradise's Season 9 couples may be rekindling their romance.

Bachelor in Paradise's ninth season, which aired late last year, has been dubbed a "fail" for the franchise because three couples left the show dating or engaged, but none of them even lasted a week after the finale aired on ABC in December.


During a recent episode of "The Ben & Ashley I: Almost Famous Podcast," co-host Ashley Iaconetti called Brayden, 25, and Christina, 28, an "umbrella couple" in The Bachelor franchise given they had met off-screen and through social media.

But since Bachelor in Paradise's 2023 season ended disastrously for all of its couples, Ashley joked about how ABC would probably like to label Brayden and Christina a "Paradise couple" in order to put a positive spin on Season 9.

"I've heard rumors through the rumor mill, though, that there might be other couples that might have been working out," teased Brayden, who appeared on Bachelor in Paradise's ninth season as well as Charity Lawson's season of The Bachelorette.

And Christina added, "You heard it here first. Yup!"

Ashley asked for clarification on whether the couples who are allegedly "working it out" had been broken up before.

"I'm not going to say who... That might be something I've heard through the grapevine," Brayden noted.

After Brayden had no luck finding lasting love on Paradise, he began dating Christina -- who had competed on Zach Shallcross' The Bachelor season -- in the real world last year.

Brayden proposed marriage and the couple got engaged on ABC's live The Golden Wedding special, which had featured The Golden Bachelor couple Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist getting married in January.

While Brayden has seemingly found his happily-ever-after ending, his Bachelor in Paradise co-stars did not.


Bachelor in Paradise's ninth season ended with three successful relationships: Kylee Russell and Aven Jones, who left Paradise as a dating couple; Kat Izzo and John Henry Spurlock, who got engaged; and Aaron Bryant and Eliza Isichei, who also left Mexico engaged.

After Bachelor in Paradise's Season 9 finale aired on December 7, Kylee announced two days later that her relationship with Aven was over due to "multiple infidelities" on Aven's part.

And then on December 11, the remaining two couples announced they had decided to end their engagements.

Kat and John Henry appeared to have an amicable split considering they had told the world they were breaking up with "mutual love and respect," but Aaron B. shared his breakup news with the world as Eliza stayed silent.

"People want engagements to come out of it and meaningful relationships," Bachelor in Paradise bartender Wells Adams told Us Weekly in January.

"What's tough is that we've actually had a really good batting average over the past couple seasons. You don't know it's going to work and what's not going to work."

Last month, Eliza went Instagram official with her new boyfriend, Frido, and so it's apparent she and Aaron are not the former lovebirds potentially getting back together.

For Kat and John Henry's part, many Bachelor in Paradise fans had blamed Kat for the demise of their relationship and told John Henry that he "dodged a bullet" by calling it quits.

But John Henry rushed to Kat's defense December 12 on Instagram, writing, "Thanks again for all the kind words. And for those who have nothing nice to say based on what was shown on an edited reality dating show, just know I don't feel that I made a mistake choosing her."


The Bachelorette 20 alum shared a carousel of photos featuring sweet moments he had with Kat prior to their split and continued, "I never watched this back and second guessed things, I fell for the real Kat Izzo. The Kat who always put my feelings first and did everything she could to make this work."

John Henry claimed that he got to know the real Ka, and he suggested there was still love between them.

"Although we decided to go different paths, you are an amazing woman and someone will be very lucky to have you," he wrote to her. "Keep being you, keep accomplishing all your goals, and enjoy this next chapter in your life in San Diego, working as a nurse practitioner."

In response to John Henry's kind post, Kat wrote via Instagram Stories on December 13, "It's hard for me to form full sentences right now, but I can say this... I believe that people and experiences come into our lives for different reasons."

Kat shared, "There is a purpose and meaning behind our relationships. We might not know those reasons right now, but I do know that the memories we created will live on forever."

"Continuing to work towards a place of gratitude amidst the chaos," Kat concluded, "is how you weather any storm."

There may also be a chance for Aven and Kylee to reconcile.

Although Aven had allegedly cheated on Kylee three times, she told Nick Viall on "The Viall Files" in late January that she loved him immensely and still had love for him. She also revealed that Aven was "actively" trying to win her back.

"I'm not going to sit here and lie and say I haven't spoken to him. I have spoken to him, and he is currently taking the steps to be a better person. I know he's going to therapy now," Kylee said.

Nick pointed out how it seemed like Kylee still had hope in her heart that she and Aven could maybe work things out, and Kylee admitted Nick was correct.

"But do I know if I could ever get back to that space [of trusting him again]? I'm not sure," Kylee said.

Kylee ended up moving to San Diego, where Aven lives, so it's possible the pair has kept in touch.

"He needs to do the work... I need to set up this life for myself cross country. And then I think it's all about time. If I see he's found himself in a space where he's a better version of himself, [then maybe]," Kylee shared.

"I do feel like he has it in him. I just don't know if I'll ever get back into that space of being completely in love with someone but still worrying when they walk out the door what they're going to be doing."


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