The Bachelorette alum Blake Moynes has admitted he feels "lost" in trying to navigate his dating life after multiple stints on reality television.

Given Blake has attempted to date while traveling to different countries for his career in wildlife conservation, it's been difficult for him to find a partner.


"I'm a confident guy, but this is one avenue right now I'm a little lost in trying to navigate," Blake told Susan Noles and Kathy Swarts during a recent appearance on the "Golden Hour" podcast.

"Because it is extremely difficult, and I don't have the answer right now."

Susan suggested that Blake needs to find a women who would enjoy doing the same kind of work for animals.

"Definitely would help!" Blake acknowledged. "There are just definitely slim pickings."

Kathy voiced how the right person will probably come Blake's way as long as he continues to focus on his passions, and The Bachelorette alum confirmed, "Yeah, that's the way I'm looking at it, for sure."

Since Blake has dated on The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, and in the real world, he revealed what he's looking for now in his future wife.

"[I want] someone who is very established and knows what they want, and is independent and has a life that they're pursuing and is passionate about something... I know the value in someone supporting me and saying, 'Go live it, go do it,'" Blake explained.

"So if I'm with someone who also has that, I respect it so much that I want to see that growth blossom. But on the flipside, if someone wants to be a part of the stuff I'm doing and wants to take on that journey with me, too, come along!"

Blake said he would "for sure" be into a woman who has similar interests.

"At the end of this whole Africa trip [I have coming up], I know I'm going to be sitting there at the end of it saying, 'I wish I could've done this with somebody,'" Blake admitted.

"And that happens throughout the year, on all of these projects that I'm working on. But I know that time will come. We're just missing some great opportunities here to make memories."


Blake said there's "no question" in his mind that he wants to get married and have a family.

"All of my best friends back home, they're all engaged, they're all married, and they all have kids or second kids. I'm the only one that's not," Blake lamented.

"I'm trying to look at the benefit of what I am able to do right now, and I'm thinking about all the positive I'm doing... The best is yet to come with all that. I know I'm going to have kids. That will all come, and when it does, it's going to be beautiful."

Blake said his ideal way of meeting a woman is to connect and go on dates.

"[I've] certainly [been dating], and I'm going on a date next week," Blake revealed, adding how this mystery woman is a friend of a friend who lives in a different city.

"So I'm keeping that door open," he added.

Blake also revealed he'd be open to doing another reality TV show, as long as filming wouldn't interfere with his projects.

Blake had dated Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams on The Bachelorette's sixteenth season, and then he appeared on Season 17 of the show and got engaged to Katie Thurston.

Blake and Katie announced their split not long after the finale aired in October 2021, and then he went on to date Jess Girod on Bachelor in Paradise.

Reflecting back on Katie's season of The Bachelorette and dating Jess in Paradise, Blake recalled, "Katie had less time to really grasp who I was, and she was so in. Jess and I had so much time -- more time -- and she just still wasn't sure."

Blake and Jess ended their relationship on Bachelor in Paradise before Fantasy Suites, after which many fans would've expected a marriage proposal.

"Knowing where we needed to get to and what was around the corner, [I was thinking] what it takes to make that kind of commitment, and with Jess, it was honestly, 'We're nowhere near where we need to be right now,'" Blake confirmed.

"It helped me with a realization of how you get to love -- and we weren't near that. Katie helped me realize that by coming down, the emotion of it."


After Blake and Katie's relationship was over, Katie went Instagram official with one of her Week 2 The Bachelorette eliminees, John Hersey, in November 2021.

Katie faced criticism and hate online for having moved on from her former fiance too quickly with a "rebound," and Blake -- who was "speechless" and "flabbergasted" by the romance -- believed Katie had emotionally cheated on him.

But both Katie and John denied any wrongdoing in the press, and Katie insisted her relationship with John didn't begin until her relationship with Blake was over.

Katie and John -- a San-Diego based bartender -- then announced in late June 2022 they had called it quits on their relationship. John was actually the one who had dumped Katie.

On Bachelor in Paradise's ninth season, Katie showed up to host a roast, and she gave viewers the impression that she still had some lingering feelings for Blake. Katie also informed Blake that she had tried to reach out to him many times to talk.

"I could feel the emotion in those voice notes, but I was also super bitter in that moment," Blake told Katie, "and so I didn't want to respond. After what happened, you were in a relationship and I wasn't overly excited about that. It was a bit of a dagger, and so I said, 'I don't owe her that.'"

Katie said she totally agreed with Blake and that's why she never tried to contact him again, out of respect for his boundaries and peace.

Katie proceeded to apologize to Blake for the way things had played out, and she added, "If I could go back and redo it all, I would. I wanted you to know that what we went through was real to me."

"You're definitely throwing me for a loop right now," Blake responded.

Katie explained how distance played a role in their split since Blake lives in Canada and travels often for work.

Katie concluded that she was happy to see Blake, and then when a producer asked Katie if she still loved Blake, Katie said, "Don't ask that question!"

As Katie fidgeted around and avoided contact with the camera, she suddenly looked up and had eyes full of tears.

"Oh f-ck!" she said.

Blake didn't know how to react or deal with the situation. He felt totally overwhelmed and confused.

Blake insisted on the "Bachelor Happy Hour" podcast in November 2023 that he and Katie were able to have a "cordial, mutual and mature conversation" on Bachelor in Paradise that resulted in them being able to establish a friendship and truly "supportive" relationship with one another.

Blake, however, noted that there was "not a tone" of wanting to reconcile or try again, especially because Blake was dating Jess on the beach in Mexico at the time.


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