Bachelor in Paradise will reportedly address its halt in Season 4 production when the show airs this summer. 

Warner Bros. announced on June 11 the studio had halted production on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise days earlier because a producer had filed a complaint alleging misconduct in regards to a public and drunken sexual encounter between cast members DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios.

The entire cast was forced to leave Mexico to allow for a thorough investigation of the incident, and according to a source close to Bachelor in Paradise, the scandal will not be ignored when the ABC reality dating series returns.

"They're real people with real feelings, so we're not going to do anything that is egregious or hurtful, but we'll certainly address the fact that the principal cast had to be sent home and come back," the source told Entertainment Weekly.

When Bachelor in Paradise premieres its fourth season, the show will air footage shot prior to production shutdown, according to the source, though there's no word on whether that footage will include Corinne and DeMario, neither of whom is currently set to return.

Warner Bros. confirmed on June 20 that no evidence of misconduct had been found in its investigation and the show would therefore resume filming for a Summer 2017 debut.

DeMario, who claimed he was innocent the entire time, was therefore cleared of sexual assault accusations despite Corinne publicly insisting she's a "victim" dealing with "physical and emotional trauma" from that night in Paradise.

Although filming of Bachelor in Paradise picked up where the cast had left off, Warner Bros. previously revealed there would be changes to the show's policies and procedures to enhance and further ensure the safety and security of all participants.

"Nobody wants to have another stop-down," the show source explained to EW. "It was horrible for everyone involved, so we will take measures to make sure that never happens."

TMZ reported earlier this week that newly-enforced rules and regulations include a two-drink per hour maximum, a bag check for illegal prescription drugs and a written log of legal medications, and permission from a producer in order for a pair to have sex that is undoubtedly consensual.

Bachelor in Paradise's was slated to debut on August 8, but the source said its Season 4 premiere date will likely be pushed back until the week after The Bachelorette's thirteenth-season finale.