Bachelor in Paradise featured Kat Izzo dumping Brayden Bowers for Tanner Courtad, Brayden calling Kat a "maneater" and feeling "played," Mercedes Northup sparking a connection with Tyler Norris, and Sam Jeffries facing a medical emergency during the Season 9 episode that aired Thursday night on ABC.

The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with the men preparing for the women to be in power and hand out roses later in the week.


At this point, the following couples were established: Jessica "Jess" Girod, Aaron Schwartzman and Sam, Rachel Recchia and Sean McLaughlin, Aaron Bryant and Eliza Isichei, and Kat and Brayden.

Aaron S. and Sean agreed how Brayden and Kat seemed to have the strongest connection in Paradise while Peter Cappio and Olivia Lewis had a "surface level" relationship, according to Aaron S.

Brayden was shown gushing to the other guys about how his romance with Kat was "a match made in heaven" because she was smart, quirky and funny.

"I am falling in love with this woman. I haven't felt like that [before], especially so fast," Brayden told the cameras.

Kat previously told the Bachelor in Paradise cameras that Brayden was everything she wanted and she had already developed deep feelings for him, adding, "I'm not going to want to explore someone else. That's just who I am."

But then Tanner from Charity Lawson's season of The Bachelorette showed up in Paradise with a Date Card, and he had his eyes set on Kat or Jess.

Jess gushed about how Tanner was "so attractive" that she couldn't even believe it, and he was the No. 1 guy whom she had been hoping to meet on Bachelor in Paradise. Kat also mentioned how Tanner was "definitely hot" and looking fresh.

Sean and Will agreed the guys were in trouble because all of the Bachelor in Paradise ladies appeared taken with him.

Tanner had quickie conversations with Jess and Kat, as the "vulnerable" and "anxious" Brayden was trying to plan a special date for his love interest.

"Even if she goes out with another guy, it's not going to change my approach or how I'm feeling," Brayden explained to the Bachelor in Paradise cameras.

Tanner asked Kat on the date, and she said "yes" right away and immediately took off with him. Blake admitted it was "not a great look" for Kat, and everyone was shocked Kat didn't pull Brayden aside for a conversation.

When Kat and Tanner took off, Olivia said it looked like Brayden just lost his puppy, and she predicted the situation was going to get "messy."

Meanwhile, Jess lamented to the other girls about how Kat had known Tanner was her No. 1 pick going into Paradise. Jess seemed very upset because Kat was her best friend on Bachelor in Paradise.

For their date, Kat and Tanner went horseback riding, and Kat gushed about how Tanner was so attractive that she couldn't focus on anything else.

Kat was a little scared on her horse, but she said Tanner was providing her with an emotional connection. She said things felt fun and easy with Tanner, who turned out to be exactly whom she hoped he'd be.


Tanner and Kat made out on the beach and in the ocean -- with Kat straddling his waist -- and Kat mentioned how she could see herself continuing to date Tanner in the real world. Kat told the bachelor that she really liked him and enjoyed hanging out with him more than Brayden.

Back on the Bachelor in Paradise beach, Brayden was still all in on Kat, and everyone was feeling bad for the jilted bachelor. Brayden cried in a confessional about how he wanted to feel chosen and have a woman love him for who he is.

Aaron S. assured Brayden that Kat was extremely lucky to have him, and even Sean -- who had some beef with Brayden on The Bachelorette's twentieth season -- didn't want to see Brayden get hurt.

Aaron B. was then shown telling Eliza how he didn't want to see her go on a date with anybody else, and Aven Jones and Kylee Russell were also still vibing with each other.

Will and Mercedes felt lucky to have each other, and Will told the Bachelor in Paradise cameras how he only had eyes for Mercedes and was excited to build something strong and "everlasting" with her.

Just as Will said there was nothing that could ruin his day, Tyler Norris entered Paradise with a tight black shirt on and a Date Card in hand.

Olivia and Kylee gushed about how Tyler was so cute and buff, and Rachel was particularly excited to see him on Bachelor in Paradise.

Rachel admitted she always had a "flirty vibe" with Tyler and she'd be interested in going on a date with him, and Sean began to worry that the former The Bachelorette star and Tyler might've had some unfinished business.

Tyler asked Rachel to have a conversation first, and Rachel shared how she was still open to going on Bachelor in Paradise dates. The cast was reading the pair's body language, and it seemed like they were into each other.

Tyler also chatted with Jess, who said she'd love to get to know him "for sure," and Blake was expecting the worst from the sidelines.

However, Blake said Jess going on a Bachelor in Paradise date would probably give him the clarity he needed about whether their relationship was going to progress.

But Tyler decided to ask Mercedes out on a date, and Will looked pretty devastated.

"I feel so bad for Will. This dude has just been put through the wringer here," Sean explained in a Bachelor in Paradise confessional.

"At this point, any guy who comes into Paradise is going to go on a date with Will's girl. That's basically what this is. I've seen Will contemplate life and just be sad more times than I've seen him be happy on this beach. It sucks for him."

The "medical emergency" of Bachelor in Paradise then unfolded. Sam was "going on nine days of no pooping," and so her stomach was bothering her and she felt stressed and uncomfortable.

Sam said she nearly crapped her pants during the first Rose Ceremony but then the sensation of having to go went away.

Bachelor in Paradise's medic, Dr. Kelly Tenbrick, therefore checked on Sam and let her know that if she didn't go to the bathroom before sunrise the next day -- which was about 11 hours from that point -- he would have to take drastic measures and probably deliver her "a poop baby" in the hospital.


Sam cried because she really liked Aaron S. and didn't want to leave Paradise over this "embarrassing" medical issue and "crappy situation."

Later that evening, Tanner and Kat returned from their date, and Brayden was waiting to talk to Kat with bated breath. Brayden told the Bachelor in Paradise cameras that he was holding onto hope but felt really "scared" to lose his girl.

Kat explained to Brayden how her date with Tanner was exciting and her feelings for the newcomer were "different" from her feelings for Brayden.

"I had to listen to my gut at the end of the day, and I just don't know if I see my feelings growing anymore between you and I," Kat told Brayden.

Brayden asked Kat what changed for her, and Kat explained how she was following her heart.

"The fact I wasn't thinking about us while I was there [is a problem]," Kat told Brayden. "I was just happy and enjoying it, and I was really tapped in. I wasn't tapped in at all to what would be happening here between you and I."

Brayden said he'll never beg a woman to be with him, and she assured the bachelor that he'd be a great man for someone else on the Bachelor in Paradise beach.

Brayden was left feeling distraught and confused. He said Kat had been so warm to him only to change into this "cold as ice" person. Brayden said Kat's behavior "hurt" because he had allowed himself to fantasize about a future with Kat in the real world after the show.

"And then all of a sudden, I don't exist at all... She didn't think about me at all," Brayden lamented to Bachelor in Paradise cameras.

Aaron S. questioned if Kat had just used Brayden for a rose and treated him like a placeholder, waiting for other men to arrive. And Blake called Kat "cold blooded" for going cold turkey on Brayden.

Brayden vented to the guys about how Kat's actions didn't make sense to him at all. Brayden said he felt like he "got played, hardcore -- like, played, played."

Kat ditching Brayden so easily made Will worry about his own relationship with Mercedes, and Will accused Kat of putting on an "act" with Brayden in order to secure a rose.

Brayden then talked to Bachelor in Paradise bartender Wells Adams about how he felt hurt, angry and "crushed" -- like "the butt end of a joke."

Kylee and Jess then confronted Kat about her behavior and let her know that she had deeply hurt Brayden. Kat got very "defensive," according to Jess, and didn't understand why anybody was angry or frustrated with her.

Kat thought she had been entirely truthful and open with Brayden the entire time, and she thought wanting to date somebody else was "fair and valid."

Kat told the Bachelor in Paradise cameras that she very mad, and so she asked Brayden to talk to her about all of the drama.

Kat explained to Brayden how she didn't like him running his mouth to other people before having a conversation with her about his feelings, and Brayden said he just felt like he was "a rose" to her.

Kat insisted that she didn't want Brayden's Bachelor in Paradise rose just to get by, and she accused Brayden of bringing "immature bullsh-t" to the table. Kat and Brayden proceeded to bicker back and forth, and most of the girls on the beach were taking Brayden's side.

"She is such a Wild Card, and she just snaps a lot," Kylee told Jess.

Brayden then let Kat know, flat out, that he felt "hurt, cheap, and like a dirty wh-re."

"Okay, Brayden. Okay," Kat responded with attitude, before telling the Bachelor in Paradise cameras, "This is difficult for me too, I think."

Kat shared with Brayden how she had woken up that morning with reservations about their relationship but didn't mention them to him until she could sort out her feelings and make sense of them.

"I'm not trying to betray you. I've been nothing but honest," Kat yelled at Brayden. "I feel like you're so confrontational and argumentative."

"I'm sorry for feeling what I'm feeling. I don't know what you expect," Brayden replied.

Brayden vented in a Bachelor in Paradise confessional how Kat was trying to paint him as this unfair and unreasonable guy while turning herself into a victim. Brayden said just because Kat could turn off her feelings, that doesn't mean he's able to do the same.

"Just because you can do that and you're able to kill something, it doesn't mean I can -- and it doesn't mean that you can expect me to," Brayden told the cameras.

"If you care about somebody, you don't treat them like that. She is definitely cold, bro. There is a maneater on this beach, guys, and you better watch out!"

Mercedes and Tyler's dinner date was then shown, and Mercedes gushed about how Tyler was really cute. Mercedes had connected with Will on an emotional level, but she was excited to get to know Tyler in Paradise and discover if they could have a connection.

During their evening together, the pair saw a shooting star, and Mercedes thought that was a sign from the universe.

Mercedes and Tyler really hit it off and laughed together, and Tyler thought Mercedes was kind and gorgeous. Tyler mentioned how it would be amazing to date because his roommate, Aven, was already dating Mercedes' best friend, Kylee.

Mercedes and Tyler ended up kissing on their Bachelor in Paradise date, and sparks were literally flying around them (aka fireworks).

"I've never been so happy -- ever in my life," Mercedes gushed to Bachelor in Paradise cameras. "Tyler is just great, there is something special about him. He makes me feel excited and giddy. I love this feeling, and I haven't felt this in a while."

When Mercedes and Tyler returned to the Bachelor in Paradise beach, Mercedes -- who was all in on Tyler -- asked Will to talk.

Mercedes explained to Will how she had a great time on her date and wanted to sleep on things and feel the vibes of tomorrow. Will felt bummed out and disappointed, and he was afraid to get dumped again on Bachelor in Paradise.

Meanwhile, Sam's time on the beach was winding down, and so she explained her health crisis to Aaron S., who was extremely supportive.

Aaron S., a firefighter and paramedic who wasn't grossed out by the news at all, went on to take care of Sam by feeding her high-fiber foods and showing her some core exercises to do on the beach.

Aaron S. didn't want Sam to undergo surgery, and he shouted out to her, "Just remember one thing: it's not your poop baby, it's going to be our poop baby! Alright?! I'm going to get it out of you -- I promise!"

Sam gushed about how she loves a supportive man, and she was glad to not be alone in this Bachelor in Paradise crisis.

At the end of the night, Sam appeared to be experiencing some stomach cramps, and so the cast couldn't wait to see if Sam was going to be able to have a bowel movement.


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